Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Birthday Bowling

Dr. Nina gave us a birthday bowling trip gift certificate to celebrate all of our birthday from Februaury to July. We went to Lexington to redeem it and had a great time! Daddy won as he bowled a crazy 179!

Carson Wayne is TEN!!

 Ten is a lot...Ten is a DECADE!
 This super guy is 10! We had a super fun time celebrating him. He asked for a cookie cake this year and helped me decorate it. He got a lego set and a lego movie. He is into skylanders these days so he spent the majority of his birthday money on them. He is getting so big! The past couple of months he went from a size four to a size five and a half shoe! Please stop growing little man..seriously! We sure love this guy and are so proud of him! Happy Birthday Carson Wayne!!

St. Louis Fun

 Don't worry...we are doing our part to help save the Planet!

 We took a quick weekend trip to St. Louis to celebrate Carson's birthday and Father's Day. A two-fer. Check. We all loved Circus Flora!

 Our kids are train crazy so of course they loved Union Station.

 And then there was baseball....
 ...and by the way Abby told us, "Baseball is just not my thing."

 The boys loved it! We even rode a horse and carriage to the game!

So thankful for this man. He loves his family. He loves the Lord. And of course... He loves the Cardinals! Such a fun weekend!

Date with Drew

We dropped the girls off at Gymnastics and then drove across town to drop Carson off for baseball...what we found between picking the girls back up again was some good 'ol quality time or as I like to call it A Date with Drew. He did not want to call it a date. We got to have dinner together just us and chat. This was such a sweet time. I asked him lots of fun questions...one being is you could go anywhere where would you go. He answered, "New York City to see all the buildings...the Statue of Liberty...and Superman." So thankful for this little man and this special time! 

Swim Team and Swim School

This summer we have had some super busy mornings...we decided to try Swim Team in Mount Sterling. It is a small town about 30 minutes away from Morehead. Unfortunately Morehead was unable to open its pool this season because of its need of massive repair. We found out about the swim team opportunity and decided to give it a try. The kicker is that it is four days a week practices from 8-9am in the morning! That means we have to be out the door by 7:15am...and that is a feat...we are realizing that the girls are a wee bit grumpy if they don't get all of their beauty sleep.  The boys have really enjoyed it and are learning all kinds of swimming strokes! We are so proud of them in trying something new and learning all about swimming fast! (And a special note...they were not so crazy about the team swim wear) The girls have been taking swim lessons from 10:30-11:15 in the mornings after the boys finish up and have done a great job. Abigail especially is learning to swim like a little fish. These mornings have been so good for us. The boys have been making some friends and play basketball most every morning while we wait for the girls class to begin. When I took this picture of them playing ball with their new friends all I could think of was the movie Sandlot. Small town. Gang of Kids. Summer Fun. The only bad thing about the swim team is the swim meets...our first meet was three hours long as we waited for our boys to each swim two races....Abigail as you can imagine was pretty dramatic about waiting and waiting...and then yet waiting some more. :) 

T3 Academy year has begun again!

We are geared up and ready to learn! We took a short break in May while we were in Haiti and on vacation but we are back in the saddle again and Abigail is officially doing Kindergarten material! The boys are doing really well. We are reading aloud The Mouse and the Motorcycle series right now and they have selected Apologia Astronomy this year. We are excited to learn all the fun things the Lord has in store!

Take me out to the ballgame...

 My favorite picture of the season...a boy with his sisters!

Carson was on the Giants team this year in kid pitch and Andrew was on the Blue Jays this year in coach pitch. The boys sure enjoyed getting to play...the girls however didn't really enjoy the super long games! Carson decided that he wanted to try pitching and did a great job at it. Andrew was one of the biggest kids on his team and did really well hitting the ball this year.