Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Our little Butterfly

Playing games at church

My favorite Mario Brothers!

Love my Munchkins!

Silly Carsy!

Crazy Drew Drew!

Pumpkin Carving Party

Happy Halloween from The Cupp Crew!! We had a fun night at church at the Fall Festival! Abigail caught on very quickly to the game of getting candy and putting it in her bucket. She would tell everyone "Fank you, Bye, Bye!" and wave moving on to the next booth....sooo cute. The boys were adorable in their mustaches!! Loved them!! They had a great time playing games and jumping on the jumper. Andrew said the best part was getting candy!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Pokes, Go Pokes, Go Pokes, GO!!!!

Carson's lunch friend showed up to tailgate with us...a ladybug!

Homecoming Tailgate!

The kids table

The cooks!

At the Homecoming Parade...

She was soooo excited to see the parade coming!!

Watching the parade with Aunt Becky & Cousin Landon

I had to add this one because after about 15 minutes of the parade Abby Ruth decided that she wanted to be in the middle of the street and thus Carson and I were constantly chasing her down and bringing her back to the side, she is such a toot!

She really loves her Carsy!

Just us girls!

Abigail's first OSU basketball event! We all went to the basketball scrimage after walkaround on Friday night! The scrimage started at 9pm!! It was fun!

Carson and Abigal at OSU Walkaround!

There is nothing like OSU Homecoming!! Woo hoo! What a fun time! Friday night we drove into Stillwater for walkaround. The boys really liked the "pretties" that had Woody and Buzz on it and the Moving Carosel! We were afraid that it wouldn't stop raining but it was perfect for the evening fun! The boys enjoyed playing at the kids carnival and Abigail got a purple balloon to play with. After walkaround we took all the kids to the OSU Basketball scrimmage! Mommy was sure leary as to how well it would turn out since it started at 9pm, but they all did pretty good! We made it home around 11pm. Saturday morning we were out the door at 8:15am for the Homecoming parade! The boys were pumped to get candy and Abigail was so fun to watch! She loved to dance at the bands going by! After the parade we packed up and headed to the tailgate party that Daddy, Papa, Mimi and Mike were preparing. What a fun afternoon and good food too! Hopefully our Cowboys can pull out a win for Homecoming!! Go Pokes, Go Pokes, Go Pokes, GO!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Stinker!

I chased Abigail away from the water filled sandbox about a dozen times tonight, but she finally made it in and she was so very proud of herself! What a little stinker!!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

First Playdate after School!

Carson had his first friend ride home on the bus with him today! Soo fun! His buddy Caden got to come and play! They played trains, Mario Kart, Hide and Seek, built a sand castle and then destroyed it! and rode bikes too! What a fun afternoon! They were soo cute!

A Widdle Bed for a Widdle Girl

Abigail got a widdle girl bed this week! She loves it! Well, to jump on it like the monkey she is! We tried to put her in it last night but when Daddy went to check in her he found her on the floor in front of her table asleep with her blankie in tow. Her nap today, however, was successful! Look how sweet she looks! :) Sweet Dream Widdle Princess!

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