Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The boys and thier Valentine

On Valentine's Day the boys little friend Mackenzie got to come over and play while her Mommy and Daddy went to Dinner. She was so super funny. She loves Carson and I think she tolerates Andrew...she kept saying "I really like you Carse....I really like you." It was a fun night!

11 Days till the Orange Power Party

Andrew made sure the invitations got in the mail.....

Valentine's Day at Carson's School

Andrew and I joined Carson at school last Friday for his Valentine's Day Party. It was so much fun. Andrew was so very excited to be a part of Carson's class and share Carson's goodies. Carson is such a wonderful big brother....he loved introducing his friends to his brother and took Andrew over to sit on the rug to get thier folders at the end of the day. When they first sat down Carson was all smiles as he put his arm around his brother and looked over at me....too sweet.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Andrew Maddox Cupp is turning 3!

Our little Andrew Maddox or "Andrew Maggets" like Carson calls him will be three March 2nd. When questioning him about what kind of party he would like all he would tell me is orange....go figure...this little one is a lover of orange! If I let him, he would wear orange every day! Life sure changed for The Cupp Crew with the surprise addition of this little monkey. He is our sugar on top! He is so sweet and yet honery. He always comes up with ways to sugar coat any situation with a funny little saying or smile to warm our hearts in hopes of us not warming his behind. It is so hard to discipline this little monkey sometimes because we find ouselves chuckling at him so often. He is still the little cuddle bug that would just love to sit in your lap all morning and watch Thomas. Now as he crawls into my lap he makes sure not to "squash his sister". He loves his cousin Peyton and is going to be a super big brother. He got to rock Peyton the other day and as Natalie and I were talking I looked back and he was singing songs to his cousin and rocking him ever so gently...so very sweet. Little Andrew Maddox does not like to take naps these days...he is almost three, yes, I know. But I am hanging on to the hope that they will last until summer...one can hope! I wonder what plans the Lord will have in store for Him...what a blessing...little Andrew Maddox Cupp.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...a little early!

Tonight we celebrated Valentines. Yes, I know that it is only the 11th, but we haven't been able to see and spend time with Daddy for an entire week and we decided that we didn't really want to eat out with the rest of the world on Saturday...so, we decided to beat the rush and have an early celebration. This year the boys decorated a frame with thier picture on it for Daddy--they loved this project and were so excited to give them to Dustin tonight. I love the picture of Carson above with his completed project for Dad...too cute! We also made a photo frame for Abigail. Last week the boys and I decided on these gifts and thought it would be cool to get a 3D pic of Abigail to put in her frame.....well, this turned out to be quite an ordeal...Apparently Abigail really and I mean really likes to put her hands all over and around her face at all times. We actually went to the ultrasound studio three times in hopes to get a picture of her face without her hand obscuring it.....so the one above is the best one that they got...and it is not all that super you can tell on the left side of the pic her arm is actually on top of her face covering it! Silly Abigail...it was quite amusing though to hear the boys talking to her and telling her to move her arms so we could get a good picture for Daddy....well, we tried. The good news is, we have three 20 minute videos of her playing in my womb. We got great views of her little feet! Tonight was fun. We picked up Carson after school and then took the boys to the Aquarium for a little bit. After that we ate at Los Cabos and then came home for Cookie Cake and presents. ...just a side note...we love Cookie Cake...this time of year is Fantastic...we will be having Cookie Cake 6 months in a row:
February=Valentine's day
March=Andrew's Bday
April= Abigail's Bday
May=Dustin's Birthday
June=Carson's Bday
July= Amanda's Bday
Oh happy day! He! What a fun time we had just being together as a family and celebrating together tonight. I am so thankful for my little ones and my prince....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Girls Retreat!

Just a few words about the Girls Retreat this past weekend....WOW! I think that is the correct word to sum it up. We ended up having 30 girls and they had an absolutely wonderful time. The work that it involved I way underestimated and thier was no elevator on the wing at church that we were set up....I am not sure how many times I trucked up and down the stairs from the kitchen to set up meals, but I do know that not a bone in my body wasn't truly aching by the end on Saturday. I was so relieved that it was over. I wish that I could have set in on more of the actual sessions that the girls went to because many of them told me just how wonderful they were and how God had really spoken to them. I did get to go to the Life on Life Session on Saturday for Youth Workers and Moms of Teen Age Girls and it was a wonderful blessing. The speaker was a lady from Tulsa who spoke on leaving a legacy with your children. She spoke so candidly and transparently about her daughter's death just this past February and how she was so thankful that even though she had forgotten to put on her seatbelt in her car the day of the accident she had fastened her spiritual seatbelt and had a wonderful loving relationship with her father in heaven. It was so sad for me to imagine....and all the pregnancy hormones did not help much in keeping my emotions under control as she began to tell the testimony of her daughter. She spoke about how God had stregthened her, comforted her and given her a new peace and mission through it all. She was so overwelmed with thankfulness to know that she had left her daughter a wonderful legacy of a love relationship with Jesus and that she was able to see even more clearly after her death in her journals. What a wonderful gift for her as a mother that her daughter left in her most intimate journals of her faith. It was truly such a wonderful time and I couldn't help but be so thankful that she allowed God to used her, even in sharing with us that day, in such a mighty way. Later I shared that with Courtney and she told me that when she had first approached Alicia to speak, she told her that she couldn't possibly..she just wasn't a speaker..she couldn't speak in front of groups of people.....isn't it amazing when we get out of the way, obey and let God use us in such a mighty way to glorify Him...even when we think that we can't possibly do what He has called us to do? Truly amazing....