Sunday, December 8, 2013

Abby Funnies

Too cute not to remember:
Last week she told me on the way home from the Morehead State Basketball Game, "This is the Happiliest Ever Ending to my day. I got to do the chicken dance." Yes, she and Claire joined the cheerleaders for the halftime Chicken Dance and it was great. Happliest ever in fact!

This afternoon she came up the stairs sobbing to which I immediately knew there was not a big issue it was just a bunch of dramatics. I told her," You need to calm yourself so I can understand what the problem is." And she replied. "I Caaaaaan't. My feeelings are broooooken!!!!" Her feeling were not just hurt...They were BROKEN. When I asked her why she told me because Carson popped her balloon (which actually happened two days ago.)

This girl is funny!

Snow Day

It snowed. They played. The End.

The girls

These girls are just too fun! I just love dressing them in the same outfit and they love it too!