Thursday, October 17, 2013

Big Helper!

We are 9 days away from our first HAF Project mission trip to establish and continue medical care for the 98 children there in Haiti! We are busy working, praying and preparing for the coming days! This little girl was such a great helper with the charts. She asked to help and said she could lift up the spikey things. She helped with over 50 charts. After each chart she wanted to know the name of the child and look them up on the sheet we printed out so she could see their faces. It was so sweet. Sometimes she would say, "That's a funny name." or "I love her shirt" or "What a silly boy he is". I told her what a big helper she was being to help me get the charts ready and she told me, "Ahh, is no biggie..I could do this ALL night!." Such a big helper! So thankful for her heart and compassion for these kids in Haiti. I asked her Abby would you like to come to Haiti one day to see all of these kids and she told me "Nah, I'll just stay and help Mimi & Papa" So funny! I think she is looking forward to seeing them soon!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A bit of a sad day

Today was our first day with no dogs. We have been praying about the dogs and what is best for them. We have all enjoyed them so much but they have been having a hard time the past couple of months. We don't have a fence and really can't put one up on our rolling property so we tried a wireless fence. It did not work. The dogs continued to run off. In fact a couple of mornings I had to take off to find Roxy and she almost got hit by a couple of cars. Not good. They continued to potty in the house on and off. To no avail they continued to do this. They started to growl and nip at the kids. I don't completely blame them. The kids really liked them but treated them more like a toy wanting to pick them up all of the time and put them in places they should not be in. (cabinet doors, laundry hampers, and I even found Rastus in the fridge when he was a pup) The dogs did not appreciate this and were really getting tired of the constant roughness. Dustin and I realized that we really didn't have enough time to spend and take care of the dogs as we were constantly on the go with the kids now. The dogs deserved better and we felt bad because we felt like they were becoming a burden. We began to pray. We talked a lot with the kids. We talked with some friends of ours and she said that they were wanting to get her dad a dog for Christmas...and her Aunt might really like Roxy. So our friends came and got Rastus and Roxy on yesterday to take them to Grayson for a visit. The Lord has provided 2 new families for them! They loved the pups and wanted to keep them! They also said we can visit anytime. They live about 30 minutes away. The kids have done so well. They haven't asked about the dogs at all. We told them that we could stop by and visit when we go to Huntington sometime and they were glad to hear that. I have found myself the most sad. They were such cute pups and loved to cuddle in the evenings but I am thankful that even when things are hard sometimes that there is peace in making the best decision. It has been a bit of a sad day but also a day of freedom in that we know we have made the best choice for the dogs and for our family. Rastus and Roxy are living the high life now in a new home...the center of attention...with two loving caretakers...and they will get to see lots of each other. God cares even about the little things. God provides in all things.  

T3 Academy Open House

 Cookies to celebrate the day.
 Lots of art!
 The boys have been busy reading!

 Notice all the bunny ears..

The kids loved showing Daddy all that they have been learning. It was a fun day of sharing! 

Friday, October 4, 2013

We. Don't. Like. Snakes

We don't like them. Abigail saw him first as she was making her way up the steps on the front porch and you can just imagine the scream....and the whimpering that came after, "Snnnnn..aaaa...kkkkeeeee!" So we ALL retreated inside to watch from the window and snap a few pictures quickly as the front door was opened momentarily...I'm not sure why snakes seem to gravitate to our front porch. Not Good. Not Good At ALL.

More awesome art!

The boys cool art projects today. The good news: They love art! The bad news: Ms. Anita told the kids today that they have sold their house over the weekend and they are moving two hours away! She said she would try to come back once a month to Morehead to do a Saturday clinic. We are so happy for her getting to move back to where she grew up but we will really miss her art class!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Carson's Soccer

First Kentucky Campfire