Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Go God"

So I have three "Go God" stories to share so that I will remember how good God is.
Story 1: Family Pics
So, for my birthday this year I asked for an updated family picture to hang on my wall. In our last picture Carson was 1 year old! That was six years, so hard to believe. One of the local photographers was offering a cd copyright release for $100.00 so I thought that was a win, win situation. I just wanted one picture and I could send it off to the lab and get it printed how I wanted. Well the pictures did not turn out. I asked for a full length family picture and unfortunately did not recieve that in any of the 12 pictures I received. I was so upset. It was my birthday present. I prayed about it and decided to email the photographer and ask her to prayerfully consider refunding my session because I did not recieve anything close to what I requested. She was very upset. I told her that I would be happy to pay her for her time but I would really just like a refund. I did not want to try this endeavor again with the same photographer. She granted my request and refunded my session fee for which I was so grateful. My other two family pictures are from Hart Portrait Artist in Stillwater....and I love them...but they cost soo much. The setting fee alone is $75.00. I really wanted to go ahead and schedule and appointment with them but I did not have the $325.91 to purchase the one 16x20 family picture that I was wanting. I prayed about it. I decided that if I waited I would have to buy all new outfits for a different season and size since my munchkins grow so fast. So we went ahead and made an appointment and I decided to just wait until I could set aside some more money to purchase the print that I was wanting. These are the lessons I learned: sometimes you really do get what you pay for and just because you have a nice camera it does not make you a professional photographer. We took the picture on Thursday morning and then set off on a last adventure before school started. We took the boys to POPS on 66, unpluggits play place in Edmond and the Oklahoma Science Museum. We had a really fun time. When we got back home I went out and got the mail. In the mailbox was an envelope from Cushing Regional Hospital to which I quickly thought stink, another bill. As I opened it up I saw that it was not a bill but actually a letter saying that they owed us $325.00 and they wanted to know which card we wanted refunded!!!! Praise the Lord! "Go God" for sure! I love how He continues to show me how much He loves me by being so incredibly faithful to us. I love that His timing makes me chuckle and fills me with joy!
Story 2: Unpluggits

Story 3: Moms 31

Claire almost 7 months old!

She can't possibly be this big yet!

Oh how we love this sweet little face!

And yes, she is very close to crawling!

Where does the time go? I find myself just soaking her up! She is so expressive these days and especially cuddly with her Mommy. She loves her blanket and loves to watch her Daddy. I think she has special smiles just for him!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The boys first day of School!

Andrew asked this morning if he could get a Clairey Kiss every morning before school!

The inevitable silly faces....

Carson Wayne is in 1st grade this year! My how the time goes by so quickly!

Andrew Maddox is in Kindergarden this year. He was a little leary of going to school. He told me that he just wanted to stay home with Claire and Abigail. I asked him if he wanted to ride the bus with Carson and learn new and exciting which he replied, "Well, I could ride the bus to school and you could just come pick me up there!"....but today he was more excited and ready to go with his brother! Carson was going to take him to his classroom and then head to his new class. I am so thankful that Carson is such a wonderful big brother!

Claire was awake and so she got to wait with the boys this morning for the school bus!

Oh my goodness I love these boys of mine! Thank you Lord for these precious gifts you have given our family!

I cannot believe that summer came to a close so quickly and the boys are off to school! What a great morning! The set their space shuttle dressed...breakfast...made lunches...brushed hero for the bus in a drizzling rain...gave Clairey a kiss and they were off!! This Momma always gets a little sad to see them go but I am so excited for them! Daddy asked them to make two new friends today and show the love of Jesus to them!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Claire is big enough to eat in the highchair...oh my!!

Abigail loves to help Claire!

Oh my goodness this girl is loved for sure! Her eyes are looking more and more like Andrew's.

How in the world could our littlest princess be six months old already! She is eating baby food now that her mommy and sissy have made for her. Abigail loved helping make Claire food! She looks so little in her highchair. I had a hard time picking which pictures I liked best so I just posted them all. She really like the sweet stuff...go figure...apples and sweet potatoes are her favorites. She pretty much turns her nose up to peas and green beans but her Momma is gonna keep trying! The last days of summer are upon us and I find myself getting sad that the boys will be going back to school. They of course are thrilled! We got them some fall clothes which was very difficult to purchase in this 110 degree weather by the way. The Lord has brought us much needed rain and a bit cooler temperatures this past week that has been a very welcome change that we are so thankful for. Our trees are all completely stressed out and the leaves are all falling. All of our beautiful flowers are pretty much fried from the extreme heat. God is moving in our little church and for that we are excited to see what He has in store. Well, my little chickadee is awake so this is a little post but at least you have some pictures! I am so thankful all the Lord has done and continues to do! I hope and pray that you are doing well and growing in your walk with Him! Oh how He loves you!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bath Time!

My girls are such a joy! Bath time

is especially fun now that Claire

can play! What fun!!

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She is sitting up!

Claire is six months old and sitting up! Yea!

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