Sunday, August 30, 2009

Playing in the Yard

Friends. Carson and Andrew love to play with the "girls" that live two houses down. This summer we have had some fun nights playing baseball in the front yard with our new friends....Carson would play every night if it were possible! The girls are soo precious and love to talk to Abigail. Their older brother comes down to play also if he sees us playing baseball. Andrew thinks it is super neat that his name is Drew, too. Fun times playing in the yard!

FYI for my blogger friends

Okay girls! Here is the scoop. Melanie, a new friend of mine, shared the most wonderful news with me this passed weekend. Did you know that you can turn your blog into a book? Seriously exciting, huh? Yes, you can. And it all looks relatively easy and not too expensive. What a wonderful way to document what the Lord has done in our lives year after year and be able to share it in book form for the generations to come! Check it out!!

Another Zoo Day

What a beautiful Saturday morning and we were headed to the....ZOO! The boys had a great time riding the train and carousel! What a fun morning just enjoying time with Daddy and the animals at the ZOO.

First Swing!

Just look at that happy face! I put Abigail in the swing for the first time this week and she just loved it! Yay for Abigail!

Sewing project: an itty bitty skirt

Well I have been just itching to make this little girl a skirt with all of my fun fabric. Turned out pretty cute. I think however that the next one I will make longer and with matching bloomers. Fun! I think Abigail really liked the bright colors she kept looking at her skirt and trying to lift it up to insert into her mouth....go figure!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A new season....

So it is 10:45 and I should be in children are so sweetly asleep...even my husband is in bed....I can Conan on the bedroom tv from my seat here in the office....but I totally feel like a bad blogger these days and thus I am determined to blog for just a bit! A new season indeed....Carson is now in Kindergarten. Yes, kindergarten...I am not sure I feel old enough to have a child in Kindergarten and yet I do. We get him on the bus at 8:15 in the morning and go to get him off the bus at 4:00pm.....what a long day without my Carson Wayne! I miss him. He is loving school and doing well! He loves his teacher and his friends but does not like that I make him eat school at lunch three days a see Carson is my picky eater. No kidding here is the list of things that he will put in his mouth and consume these days: 1. Chicken nuggets 2. Chips 3.Peanut Butter and Jelly 4. Fruit Loops Cereal 5. Lucky Charms 6. Cheese Pizza 7. Bacon 8. Blueberry Muffins 8.Pancakes 9.Waffles 10. Occasionally I can talk him into a Grilled I am continuing to pray for this little boy in that he would be bold enough to try new foods....anything...and thus he is eating at school three days a week in hopes that he might branch out and try something different....I don't blame him too much for not eating some of the things on the menu, yesterday they had Cheese Omelets....hmm that just doesn't seem appetizing for a lunch from a cafeteria...of course he only at the Fruit Loops on the side. A new season....with Carson at school all day Andrew is absolutely loving (and I would have to say that the feeling is mutual) having his special one on one time with Mommy. It is such a neat time to get to spend time with Andrew alone, with an occasional Abigail on the side of course. Andrew is my sweet little sugar drop who still wants me to lay with him during naps and ask me what I am going to dream about? I love that he loves to dream. I am finding myself spending more time entertaining him while Carson is at school. I didn't realize how well that Carson and him played together....and now with Carson gone Andrew needs a playmate...which most of the time he just terrorizes Abigail. :) Well, not really terrorizes her but he is constantly in her face if her eyes are open and actually quite a bit when they are closed as well. He thinks that he is her protector/entertainer which is soo sweet. If he hears her talking in another when she just wakes up from her nap....he will look at me and say "Mommy I hear Abgail...she needs me" So sweet....Yes, Andrew she definitely needs you!! Abigail....what a joy this little girl of mine is! She is soo easy and just goes along with whatever we are doing for the most part....we love to make her smile and hear her giggles! My most favorite part about her is her little clammy feet and yes, they are always clammy...soo funny! She is growing so very fast, 4 months...I can't believe that she has been with us for 4 months....precious little princess! Oh what fun she is! A new season....two kids at home is a little easier than three. Nap time is again a wonderful and sacred time that I can work. Work. The business is doing okay right now, sustaining itself, I am continuing to keep busy and have again halted production. It is so amazing to me the hand of the Lord in this business...He continues to provide for us over and over again...this past month we hit 9,000 nursing covers sold! 9,000....that is crazy! I never would have thought that we could have accomplished to sell that many, but have learned that His plans are so much greater that I can even imagine. Thank you Lord! Plans. So this past weekend we went to Cushing for the day for and adventure day with Mimi & Papa. What a fun day! It is so neat to see His plans for us in Cushing beginning to be revealed....I love that He so delicately leads our hearts to be in line with His and His plans for us! I am so very excited to see what all that might entail! We always knew that Tulsa was just a transition place for us....that we were merely passing through and yet as we prepare to get ready for moving, selling our home, looking for seems so unreal that we are really almost finally there...our mission field has been revealed and we are ready to go, excited for the harvest....a new season has begun again!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thier Cousin Peyton

Here are the munchkins with thier cousin should have seen us trying to get them all to look at the same time for this pic!!

Splish Splash I was taking a.....BATH!!

This little girl of ours loves bath time! She is getting so big for her little bath and it just breaks my heart to think that she is already outgrowing it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Day of Kindergarden

All ready for the big day....
he soo abliged me with a many a pictures....

Silly Mom, they are all looking into the sun...not good
Oh my little Carson Wayne is growing up!
Carson waiting patiently....Andrew....not.
Carson's excited face!
Getting on the bus and no "Bye" for us...he was ready to go to school!!
My little Carson Wayne is off.....and he looks soo happy!
After a long day.....He is finally HOME!
Fresh off the bus! Did you have a great day?

Carson's first day of kindergarden was today! He was so very excited. He came and woke me up about 7 and had turned on all the lights in the house....he was ready to get on the b...u....s! Daddy picked out his outfit last night and laid it out for him so he was off to get dressed. I helped him pack his lunch last night as well and so he gathered his Orange Hi-C and peanut butter and jelly sandwich and put it into his lunch sack. He was so excited. I recited with him over and over this morning asking him "What school do you go to?" "What bus number do you ride?" "Whose class are you in" so he would be ready! We all prayed for Carson before we walked dow to the bus stop. This year he is again at the Grace Living Center so his bus goes to west and then he gets off there and gets on another bus to go to Grace where his class is. I was a little leary of this transition...but praise the Lord it went well. He told me that he got to see Ms.Freshhour and gave her a hug. She was actually a student teacher in his pre-k class last year. I am guessing that she was helping unload and transfer all of the kids to the right places. Daddy was able to get off early and come home to meet Carson on the bus. At 4pm I got a call from his teacher at school saying that thier was a problem with the buses and that we could come pick Carson up or they would find a way to get him home it just might be a little while. In between calling her back and trying to reach her, Dustin called on his way home so I asked him just to go to the school and pick Carson up. A few minutes later I finally reached Mrs.Fitzgerald and she told me that she had went ahead and sent him on another bus to connect with his bus. So I called Dustin who was, of course, just then pulling up to the school....needless to say Daddy came home with no Carson and we began to wait to see if Carson would get off the bus. The stop time is sapossed to be 4:05.....we waited and waited.....and waited some more at 4:40 the bus was coming and little Carson Wayne was the second one off the bus!! Yay! He was HOME!! He told us about his super fun day. The only mishap was some "mean boys" on the bus that were hitting his friend next to him on the ride seems they tore off his little green frog from his backpack (It said his name, school, and bus number so they would know where he needed to go) and threw it in the bus....not nice! So we talked about needing to use our words and tell those boys that they were being mean and to make sure and tell the busdriver, Mr.Deke. We celebrated a great day with one of his favorite restraunts for dinner, Mazzios.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flower Power

What exactly is it that is soo cute about a girl with a flower on her head?!? Abigail will be four months old in a couple of days and WOW has the the time gone by sooo quickly. She is such a joy. This past week Andrew and I painted her toe nails hot pink for the first time and theat are absolutely adorable! My new favorite thing! She is really giggling and playing these days! Andrew is her best friend right now...he is the one that will do just about anything to get her to smile! Carson starts school in 2 days! I am not sure what Andrew is going to do without him all day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Soaking in the Presence of the Lord

Abigail is checking out Madison's rolls.... :)

Our Little Sleeping Beauty

Andrew's quilt that Grandmommie made for him

Carson's Quilt that Grandmommie made for him

It is August...I can hardly believe it! The summer has come and gone sooo quickly. Carson has 7 days till school starts...crazy! This year he will go to kindergarden which is an all day long program. It makes me a little sad to think of him gone all day long since we have soo enjoyed having him home this summer but I know that he will absolutely enjoy it! I am a little concerned about his lunches however, since he continues to only eat peanut butter and jelly, pizza, and chicken nuggets. Maybe this year will help him come out of that and be open to trying new things. That is my prayer. The past couple of weeks I have been doing a bible study for mom's on managing your time and have really found a new freedom through it. I am such a Martha in wanting "to do" things for Christ all the time but it has truly helped me to see that at times it is good just to rest in him and be spend time with Him instead of doing things for Him. It has taught me to prioritize and to stop doing useless busy work that I am not called to do "barren pursuits". Useless work unfortunatley does not include the laundry however I have found that when folding laundry I can spend time in prayer praying over my husband and children as I fold and put away thier clean clothes. I know this is not a huge thing but it has been so liberating for me just to truly understand that I don't have to constantly be doing, I can say no when I feel like it is not something that God would want me to do in this season of my life. I have learned to truly enjoy and accomplish the things here at home and spend quality time with my children instead of being constantly on the go or preparing my home three and four times a week for functions. I am calling this season "Soaking in the Presence of the Lord". I will make every effort to truly soak in His presence throughout my day and spend time with Him instead of waking up with a to do list of tasks to accomplish for Him everyday. Anyways...I am so thankful that we serve such a living and loving God that He would continue to remind us of His love for us and his desire to simply spend time with us. Thank you Lord! The pictures above of the boys and thier quilts are just to show Grandmommie that I have taken the pictures she requested it may just take me a little bit to get them printed and sent to you. Aren't they fantastic! The boys love them! Truly wonderful! Thank you Grandmommie for this most special gift that you have given them. What a blessing you are! This past week I took care of my friend Candace's little girls so they could enjoy an anniversary dinner one night. Her girls are sooo cute! Mackenzie, her oldest, is teaching me that the world of girls is soooo different from the world that I have experienced with the boys. They truly are little princesses! I soo enjoyed getting to love on those girls. As you can see Abigail was the only one not happy with the group pic....well four out of five is not too bad! :) So here is my funny story of the week, while shopping at Walmart this week the boys had suckers from the bank and I had my list and was on a roll. I kept hearing a little smacking and looked up and little Abigail was licking her lips over and over I looked a little closer I saw a little blue line on her chin. Andrew, my little culprit, had been sharing his sucker with Abigail! How sweet that he would share his sucker even though he is reminded at least three or four times a day not to put ANYTHING in Abigail's mouth. :) I pray that you also are soaking up the presence of the Lord today!