Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cushing Tigers Football Scrimmage

The Cushing Tigers and their new team doctor!

Our munchkins looking on.

Andrew and Carsons "weggs" got tired standing with Daddy.

The The boys are watching Daddy in action as he is assessing a players injury during the scrimmage.

Guess which one is paying attention and which one is not?

This is what Abigail did during the scrimmage....


and Up.....


and Up!! Over and over and over....Mommy is worn out for sure!

Bikes, Bugs & A Bucket of Fun!

Abigail Ruth thinks that she is sooo big now...she can ride her bike all by herself. She pushes her feet and manuevers herself around the driveway just like her big brothers! The boys are finding many "treasures" as they call them around the house as we play outside after school. This "treasure" (aka:bug) was especially interesting. Carson thought that Andrew has run over it with his bike and smashed it so for some strange reason decided to save it.....he ran inside to get Abigail's toothbrush (why?...I still have no idea) and used the "tool" to help the bug to get on his feet again. They were soo completely overjoyed to see the bug start moving again. Mommy was not so happy with the rescue tool chosen to save this special "treasure".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a few pics

It was super rainy this morning so we dug out Daddy's Cookie Monster Rain Coat from the closet today. Too cute and it fits now!!

I got Abigail her first electric toothbrush and she loves to just walk around the house and brush her teeth. Too cute.


This is Mommy's helper in the kitchen...making a mess of course.

Our sweet princess....

...look how big she is getting!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School

When I came down from getting dressed this morning I noticed that the front door was open. I looked out and this is what I found....Carson had dressed himself in red gym shorts. a nice polo and green flip flops. Andrew was still in his pajamas. I asked them what they were doing and they told me as if I was a little slow "waiting for the bus". Yes, ready to go back to school. At 7:30 in the morning. It took a little coaxing but I finally convinced them to come back in the house and eat and get dressed properly for school :) Funny boys!
Andrew playing with some blocks at school. It was a rough morning for Andrew. He did not want Mommy and Abigail to leave. The only child in the class that made a fuss. I felt so bad for him but knew that God would grant him peace and a great day. I called the school about 30 minutes later to make sure Andrew had settled down and they told me he was doing great. He was so very excited about school as we talked about it all morning and the fun things that he was going to get to do but I guess the new place and new friends and no Mommy really got him a little scared. :( I can't wait to hear his report when he gets home. His pre-school is all day so I figure he will tell me it took a long time for me to come and get him :)

Carson getting on his bus.

Oh how we love these boys! This morning in our breakfast devotional we talked about Aaron and how he was a bible hero by being a great helper to his brother Moses. I challenged them to be great helpers like Aaron today to their new friends and teacher. I can't wait to hear how they were good helpers today in class! Our little missionaries at Cushing Public Schools! God has super great things in store!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our Munchkins

Andrew insisted on sitting in the pot..he is the silly one! :)

So today I decided that this Momma needed some updated pics of her kidos. We loaded up and went to Stillwater and took some pics at Theta Pond. The boys were quite cooperative however Abigail was much too curious about everything else that was going on so the pics of her are not so good. I can't believe how fast the boys are growing. On friday they will both be in school all day long. I am quite sad, but know that God has great things in store for them this coming year! Quality time with Abigail is about to begin. I love that my boys love to pray. We have begun praying for their teachers and for new friends for this upcoming school year. Carson had his meet the teacher day on Tuesday and she is super nice. He is repeating kindergarden this year to give him a little more confidence and leadership skills. Andrew will start pre-k and is so excited that he is as big as his brother and can go to school now. In Cushing, the pre-k program is in a separate building so he actually has his own school this year too :) Andrew's meet the teacher is tomorrow. Oh how I love these boys and will miss them while they are at school learning all kinds of new things!

Abigail Ruth

She is waking!

She waits every night for Daddy to come sweet! When she sees his car pull up she satrts chanting "dadadadada"

Her favorite hiding place.

A Piano!!

We have been looking for a used piano for a little while. Last week we found one in Cushing for $300. Yea God!! The kids were soo excited and loooove to play it. Carson and I will take lessons after labor day! Woo Hoo!