Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weeeee're Baaaaack!!!

Praise the Lord!! We are back in the USA! We are all well, happy and rejoicing in the Lord for a great trip! We are soo thankful to be headed home today! Thank you dear friends and family for your many prayers on out behalf! We found the favor of God in sooo many ways along our journey in Honduras! Thank you! More stories to come of God's goodness...God Bless you!!
Praising Him!
The Cupp Crew

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

O Happy Day!

Truly what a Happy Day we had today! This morning we all attended and helped with a local rural children's church. It was such a blessing! I love, love, love to see children singing praises to the Lord! When we arrived there was a goup of older children leading songs and encouraging the kids to participate. They would even call rows of people to come up and help lead singing different songs! And yes, they called us up! We sang, "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord" in spanish and then in English. The boys were shy at first but then decided that it would be okay. Carson was very concerned about going to the service especially when Cynthia told him that it was they only spoke spanish. To describe the actual church that it took place in: we pulled up to a concrete made building with open air windows and gates for the two doors. It did have an elevated concrete stage to act as a platform. Right out the holes, where our typical windows would be, you could be about a dozen cows grazing maybe 4 feet away and a soccer field where some young male adults were playing. The little girls in the room were sooo interested in Abigail. They would wave and talk to her and as they finished singing a young girl, maybe 8 years old, came up to me and asked me something...not sure what she said...but soon found out as she took Abigail out of my arms and on to the little kids sunday school lesson. Abigail was fine at first and then got a little disoriented and started hollering. She brought her back to me with a sad little face, "lo siento" (I am sorry! ! told her) We were told that the sunday school teacher for the younger kids did not show up and thus Cinthya was asked to give an impromptu lesson. What a neat time! Carson and Andrew piled in with the local kids to hear a bible story lesson in spanish! Cinthya did a great job getting the kids involved and sang a couple of songs with them. Abigail and I were right there in the midst and thus all the little girls were continuing to eye her, touch her and talk to her. Many of them held out their arms to hold her, but she would shy away and bury her head in my chest. In the culture here it is not uncommon to see 5 or 6 year old girls and older holding their younger siblings and caring for them. I loved seeing the children and their excitement over the bible story and thier grasp of understanding that God loves them so much!! What a special time! After the bible study time the kids got to come back and sing some more songs with one of the missionaries, Don. He is a really neat guy that God has called to minister to the children in this area. He is trained as a physician but is no longer practicing. All he is doing now is riding around on his motorcyle all over the countryside and mountain villages with his miniature guitar to minister to children and teach them about Jesus in the local schools and churches! What an awesome ministry! So, Don sang some songs and then he was off to the next local church! The kids. Oh, how I love to see discipleship! What a blessing to be a part of this ministry this morning! Two missionaries, along with Cinthya and Joel, have been working with the local pastor to reach these children for Jesus! The other couple has a bus and goes and picks up all the rural children on Sunday morning and brings them to church to learn about Jesus!! After singing with Don, the kids had a snack time with COOKIES! Yummo! The boys were pumped!! They passed out cookies and coloring sheet and word finds for the kids to do before they ended. At this time a couple of girls that were about 13 I would say came up and were talking to Abigail and I (and of course, trying to hold Abigail!) one of the girls asked what her name was and as I told her that her name was Abigail and the young teenager's eyes lit up instantly!!!! Her name was Abigail too! How rare! She sat down and we got to talk a little. She looked at Abigail's book and was able to tell me all the colors in spanish and english....she was so proud of herself, this new friend Abigail was one of the girls that was leading the praises at the beginning of the service and I had noticed her so joyous and fun as she led out! I couldn't help but feel such compassion for her as I began to pray for her and her walk with the Lord, that she would seek Him faithfully, that she would continue to lead others to Christ, that she would always walk in His ways, that she would never forget how deep and how wide His love was for her, that she would continue to sing His praises no matter what the circumstances in her life may be! Thank you Lord for this sweet Abigail and the plans and purposes that you have for her! Thank you that you have called her to yourself and that you are using her in such a mighty way! Truly, what a Happy day to spend with these missionaries as they shared the love and grace of Christ with these precious children. May God bless their work greatly!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Soaking up the Son

Hi there! We hope and pray that you are all doing well. We are doing great here, everyone is happy and healthy...praise the Lord! Dustin has been very much enjoying his work here with Joel at the Hopital and seeing patients with the help of his interpreter. Last night we were able to attend a potluck fellowship at the missionaries church and have a small bible study together. It is officially hot here! The night before last the hot winds came! It sounded like wind howling all around us, a wind storm especially since all of our windows were open because we have no air conditioning. It lasted for about three hours I guess. Some of the missionaries told us it was the hot wind from the mountains that is here to stay through the summer time. It is hot! The excitement this afternoon was seeing Joel and Dustin chase off the stray horses from the grounds....yehaw!!! In the mornings the munchkins have been playing outside in the little pool or on the porch but the afternoons it is best to stay out of the sun. Lisa and Abigail have been playing so great together. Yesterday, Lisa asked for pigtails....she doesn't have very long hair at all but I was able to make her some very short ones....she loved them!! They are sooo cute and having such a good time. I find myself this past week having an opportunity to really soak up the Son. It is as if the Lord has stilled my heart to seek Him and where His Holy Spirit is wanting to lead me. He has been speaking to me about walking in the Spirit. Yesterday Carson and I had an opportunity to share kidness with the gardener. We had just set down for a snack on the porch outside and noticed the gardener taking a break and fanning himself with his hat. I felt great compassion for him as I quickly went to fill a cup of ice water and bring him some popcorn as well. What a joy it was to see his face as Carson and I showed kindness to him and brought him a refreshing drink and snack. He was thirsty. It reminded me of our need to thurst for the Lord and the Lord's eager willingness to quench our thirst with His truth, compassion and grace. Oh, what a blessing it is to sit in His presence and hear His voice so clear. Thank you Lord that you love us so much and that you desire to spend time with us!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hola! Day 1-3 continued.....

sooo the internet got shut down for a while this afternoon, but it is up again so I will try to finish what is going on with us! The day we were here Dustin and Joel took the munchkins (minus Abby Ruth) to the beach to fly their kites that we brought. It was Carson and Andrew's first time and they were not so impressed...Carson was mortified that the sand is so dirty and stuck to everything, the water tasted bad and that their were no shells only sticks on the beach. He informed me upon returning that he did not want to go to the green beach anymore but he wanted to go to the blue beach instead (he thinks that the water that we can see over the railing in the distance while standing the backyard of the Tumlisons is different than the beach he visited that day, silly boy). The first two days Abgail has not been very pleasant as we think that her teeth have been really bothering her. It looks like she is getting 6 at the same time and that is not fun. But today she has turned a new leaf and is doing well....Praise the Lord...laughing and playing and being silly again....oh, how we missed this side of our sweet little girl. I am finding that God is reminding me of things that I take for granted....and one is my dishwasher. People here really don't have dishwashers and thus we are washing, washing, washing dishes three times a day even though we are trying to use as much paper plates as possible. It is amazing to me how the dishes pile up when there is no magic machine to wash we are washing, washing, washing time and time again. Thank you Lord for showing me how thankful I am for my dishwasher. I really didn't know what a blessing it was to me before. It makes me think as I am washing, washing, washing how the Lord is so patient and continually willing to wash, wash, wash us with his blood time and time again. Thank you Lord, for your patience with me when I overlook your goodness and your patience with me.

Hola! Day1-3

Hola Amigos y Familia! We are doing well in Honduras! We hope and pray that you also are well and growing in the Lord! We had a wonderful day of travel with happy munchkins on the flight over from Houston and then the 15 minute flight over from Roatan over the ocean to La Cieba, Honsuras to meet Mr. Joel. The short flight was quite an experience. It was a 10 passenger airplane and two of them were the pilots that set right in front of Carson, Abigail and I....we could touch them...wierd, but very cool! Carson loved it! We wore Andrew out and thus he took a short nap on the way to La Cieba. I wish that I could upload the pics to go along with our days adventures but I guess I will just have to try to be as descriptive as I can as I paint you some pictures of our adventures. Mr. Joel was at the airport when we arrived,. What a joy to see him and love on him! We all loaded up in a mid-sized 4 door Toyota pickup (all the luggage in the back) and headed to get some Pizza Hut....they have a Pizza Hut in Honduras...surprise, surprise!! The boys were elated to see that it had a playplace and an indoor soccer play area. The neat thing was the delivery cars were motocycles....with a built in storage box on the back for the pizzas to sit...very interesting. We got the pizza and began our trek to the Tumlisons home that was about an hour and a half away. I don't know how many times the boys asked, "are we there yet?" but who could blame them, we had been traveling all day! They were such troopers. Thank you Lord, for the safe travels and the happy campers. The road. The roads here are very interesting. They are the passageway to all kinds of people, vehicles, and animals. The shoulder of the road is perhaps 2" wide and yet everyone uses it to get from one place to another so it is very common to see cars, people, bicycles with up to 5 people riding on one bike!, people hearding cows, yes cows, down the street and then also the common stray horses that are munching along the roadside.....all together at once...We thought this was kind of strange until we actually had to all walk to church on the road on Sunday morning because of the road work that was going on. Mr. Joel says that the Honduran government has rolled out the red carpet for us to come! They are repairing the road all the way to the paved road to La Cieba...which is very good news since the rainy season has just now ended! What a beautiful place the Lord has created in Honduras! We are amazed at the beauty here! From the Tumlisons back porch to the north we can see the ocean and the mountains are to the east! Yesterday while spending time with Carson I remembered his prayer a couple of weeks ago about wanting warmer weather to come and come soon.....God has answered Carson's prayer!! It is beautiful here and about 75-80 degrees with a wonderful ocean breeze. So, we walked to church on Sunday and attended the church on the Hospital grounds that is an english speaking church where alot of the missionaries attend. It was very neat to sing praises and worship the Lord with them and get to meet some of them and their children. I am sure that in our time here we will get to hear more about what the Lord is doing in their midst here in Honduras as they are so strategically placed to minister to this community! I couldn't help but thank the Lord for them and their obedience to His call on their lives. The kids. Upon arriving to the Tumlisons home the boys and Linda just seemed to pick up where they left off even though we haven't seen them in a year and a half. They are all enjoying playing together. Lisa who is the youngest daughter (2yrs old) adores Abigail and calls her "my baby"...she says "where is my baby?" "what my baby doing" ...which is sooo cute and last night she spent probably 15 minutes combing Abigail's hair....and Abigail let her! I love seeing the children play, share and love on each other

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Headed out...adios!!!

All checked in & through security...praise the Lord!! Traveling with three munchkins sure is challenging!! Here we go......

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Friday, March 5, 2010

And we are.....OFF!!!

Yes, we are OFF for our Grand Adventure!!! Honduras bound!! Everyone is well and happy, so far! We are so very excited about the great plans the Lord has for this coming three weeks! We feel so thankful for the opportunity and for you, our dear family & friends who are covering us in prayer as we set off to serve & share Jesus in Honduras! We are driving to Houston today and will fly to Roatan, Honduras tomarrow morning. Then fly on to La Cieba, Honduras where our dear friend Joel will meet us!! We can hardly wait to love on our friends, encourage them and serve with them!! Please cover our children in prayer that they would be happy travelers and that we may find favor in customs as we have 3 huge bags filled with goodies for the Tumlison Family! Love you all and we thank the Lord for you!! I will try to keep you updated as much as we can but it may be a little sparse because their Internet is off and on right now as it is the very end of rainy season. Adios amigos!! Amores tu!! Dios te bendigo!! (goodbye friends, we love you, God bless you! :) )
Praising Him!
The Cupp Crew

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First piggies

Abigail and her first set of pig tails....pretty cute little piggie if I say so myself :)

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Dearest friends and family!!! I have tried many of times to update the blog on my computer the past week and after utter frusteration I have decided it just will have to wait to be figured out! I am not sure why it will not it blogger itself or my computer giving me issues? will have to wait until April!! "Why?" you might ask....we are Honduras bound!!! I am busy packing us today!! We fly out of Houston on Saturday....only 4 more days! Wow!! We are so grateful and thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord in Honduras! I will try to update you as much as I can. Thank you for covering our family in prayer! God Bless you!!
-The Cupp Crew

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