Friday, March 12, 2010

Soaking up the Son

Hi there! We hope and pray that you are all doing well. We are doing great here, everyone is happy and healthy...praise the Lord! Dustin has been very much enjoying his work here with Joel at the Hopital and seeing patients with the help of his interpreter. Last night we were able to attend a potluck fellowship at the missionaries church and have a small bible study together. It is officially hot here! The night before last the hot winds came! It sounded like wind howling all around us, a wind storm especially since all of our windows were open because we have no air conditioning. It lasted for about three hours I guess. Some of the missionaries told us it was the hot wind from the mountains that is here to stay through the summer time. It is hot! The excitement this afternoon was seeing Joel and Dustin chase off the stray horses from the grounds....yehaw!!! In the mornings the munchkins have been playing outside in the little pool or on the porch but the afternoons it is best to stay out of the sun. Lisa and Abigail have been playing so great together. Yesterday, Lisa asked for pigtails....she doesn't have very long hair at all but I was able to make her some very short ones....she loved them!! They are sooo cute and having such a good time. I find myself this past week having an opportunity to really soak up the Son. It is as if the Lord has stilled my heart to seek Him and where His Holy Spirit is wanting to lead me. He has been speaking to me about walking in the Spirit. Yesterday Carson and I had an opportunity to share kidness with the gardener. We had just set down for a snack on the porch outside and noticed the gardener taking a break and fanning himself with his hat. I felt great compassion for him as I quickly went to fill a cup of ice water and bring him some popcorn as well. What a joy it was to see his face as Carson and I showed kindness to him and brought him a refreshing drink and snack. He was thirsty. It reminded me of our need to thurst for the Lord and the Lord's eager willingness to quench our thirst with His truth, compassion and grace. Oh, what a blessing it is to sit in His presence and hear His voice so clear. Thank you Lord that you love us so much and that you desire to spend time with us!

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