Saturday, April 24, 2010

Andrew's First Tee-ball Practice

Andrew had his first tee-ball practice this week in Cushing on Monday night. He was so excited. When he got out of the car he had his batting helmet on and his glove on the wrong hand. He was really enjoying "playing ball" with his new friends. At one point I looked out into the outfield and he was leading the charge of a game of tackle....oops! When I asked him about this after practice he told me that they were not tackling, they were catching bees. Funny Andrew! I should be an interesting tee-ball season! We are so looking forward to seeing him play!

A big day for Abigial

The Birthday Girl was a litte grumpy after her nap....

This past Sunday we celebrated Abigal Ruth's first birthday! What a fun time we had! We thank the Lord for our little tootie-toot!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Gracie turned 10 this month!

Sorry kids, it is picture time!

Easter this year was very simple and oh so sweet. We tried very hard this year to share the Easter story with the boys over and over again. How much Jesus loves us. That He would die for us. And then three days later....He was alive! Victory over death. Victory over sin. For us. All for us! Oh how He loves us and longs for us to choose Him to be Lord of our lives. Oh how He longs to live in our hearts and transform us into His image! He is soo worthy! And we are so thankful that He Lives!! On Easter morning when the boys awoke and saw their baskets of candy that we had for them Andrew shouted out, "Mommy, Jesus brought us Candy!!!". Sill Andrew, soo funny! No Andrew, Jesus did not bring you candy but eternal life if only you will choose Him! We are continuing to pray for the day that they will choose Him and walk in His ways! Happy Resurrection Day!

Abby Ruth is turning 1!!

First Day of Life!

My how you have grown...

Oh my time flies! We have been home a week and alot has happened. We are preparing to celebrate Abigail's first birthday and we bought a house in Cushing!! Oh my stars I can hardly believe that we have been blessed with such an incredibly precious year with our sweet Abigail. Sniff, Sniff...she is getting soo big. This last week she decided she was done breastfeeding which was totally sad for her Mommy. This year has gone by so quickly. She learned how to crawl while we were in Honduras at the Tumlison's home and is now exploring the entire rental house like a pro. She does the cutest little thing when she gets excited while she is sitting down, she twirls her whole body around in a circle using her feet and does a 360 while gigging! Precious! We have so enjoyed this past year and the richness that Abby Ruth has brought to our lives...she is such an incredible joy! We are so thankful to the Lord for gift of Abigail and the blessing that she is! This week we also bought a house in Cushing! Praise the Lord! Go has blessed us so with a great home, a wonderful deal, and an incredible opportunity to minister to the people of Cushing, OK with this home. We are thrilled and overwhelmed at His goodness and abundant provision for our family! We close June 1st! We hope and pray that you all are doing well and growing in the Lord! God Bless You!
-The Cupp Crew