Thursday, February 13, 2014

School in our leotards...'s how we roll today!

This Girl

This girl was old enough to start Cubbies last night! What fun!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More Art

Thursday, February 6, 2014

How can it possibly be that our baby girl is now three?!!

"You are a child of promise." Galations 4:28

 Celebrating Claire is so fun! We went to Mr.Gatti's pizza. We ate and played games and came home for a Frozen cookie cake. She wants to go see the movie Frozen again for her birthday so on Saturday we will go! She was so excited about her gifts. She got a Minnie Mouse Doll and Pajamas, purple crocs,a couple of books and Frozen paint book. Mimi and Papa sent a sweet princess card with a badge and a fun microphone, book to work in during school and lip gloss. This girl loves lip gloss. The Kersh's sent some fun pop beads that she can't wait to play with. Daddy keeps telling her, "Claire, won't you just stay little forever?!" Oh, how I wish it could be. Growing up too fast but loving every minute of it! Happy Birthday Precious Princess Claire Isabel Cupp!!

Exciting day in school yesterday!

We pulled this guy's tooth out!

Field Trip Day

Our homeschool group planned a field trip to The Bakery on Main and the Fuzzy Duck (a local bookstore) this last week. The kids had a lot of fun learning about baking and books!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Off to Gymnastics!

 Yesterday Abigail went back to Gymnastics and Claire had her first class! They were so silly and funny trying to get them ready. We were a few minutes late getting to class and so I rushed them in. I was trying to get both undressed and ready. Class had already started and all of a sudden this is what I heard and saw from my little social butterfly. (Insert really loud voice and a wave)
"HI GUYS! I AM BACK AND WE HAVE A NEW STUDENT...MY SISTER CLAIRE!!" She then ran around to join the class but realized she had forgotten to take her shoes off so she says, "OH, NO...MY SHOES." She ran to give me her shoes and went back to sit down while saying, "OK, I AM READY...WE CAN BEGIN NOW!!" Oh. My. I was not prepared for that. There was a lot of laughing and I was so amused. Abigail is so boisterous and so very dramatic. Is is so funny! Claire, of course, was quiet and just sat down by Abby not saying a word. It was really snowy last night so Claire was actually the only student to make it in her age group. Ms. Patty took her half way through the class so she could work with her alone and see what she could do. I will have to say I was a little stunned watching little delicate and petite Claire do so much and not be afraid or timid at all! It may just be her thing. It sure was fun to watch these girls have a great time at gymnastics!

Sledding Day

Ryan & Ty Horton came to play in the snow yesterday with the boys. The dads helped build a ramp! The boys all had a great time. Andrew slid all the way down to the creek and got quite muddy. Carson decided to go head first and it did not end well...he face planted right into the snow..TWICE! Ouch! (And that was before I got out there so no pics of Him)