Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween From the Cutest Super Heroes on the face of this Planet!
-Love, The Cupp Crew

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well so far it looks like a......Girl!

I had my appointment with Dr.Ross today and we got to see the little monkey! It is getting so big! It is measuring about 15 weeks, but he is still going to keep my due date at April 21st. Carson and Andrew got to go with us this time and they thought it was super cool. They got to hold the pictures and totally took ownership of them. Before the appointment I asked Carson if he thought it was going to be a boy or a girl and he thought for a moment and then responded., "Mommy, I think its a girl." During the appointment Dr. Ross got a really good look of some widely spread legs and was unable to find anything sticking out like a little turtle head :) So he decided that it most likely was a little girl but he would reserve final judgement until our next appointment in 4 weeks......a girl. Wow! I find myself a little amazed at that. The past week I have really thought that it just must be another boy....I so adore my little boys and can't really imagine yet a little girl.....Dustin was excited but I think he know that if it is indeed a little girl he is a gonner.....he is in deep trouble! She will have him so wrapped around his little finger it will be ridiculous....the name we have picked for her is Abigail Ruth. Abigail means "My Father's joy".....I am afraid she might be one little spoiled rotten girl especially by her Daddy :)....Wow...a Girl!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wondering about Baby Cupp....

With each passing day I find myself filled with more anticipation for this coming Tuesday, October 21st. I have a doctor's appointment and will be a little over 14 weeks along...we could find out... IF it cooperates... if it is a little girl or boy! That day is also special because it is my niece Makenna's birthday. We have decided that in honor of her birthday she will be the first to find out! I find myself wondering so much about this little one...what personality it will add to our family...what its little voice will sound like....I wonder about its little face and sweet arms and legs...will it develop those sweet rolls like Carson in its little legs...what gifts God will give it to develop and glorify Him...I wonder about how Carson and Andrew will react. They are so excited about the baby's stuff as we start to bring in more and more stuff and begin to get the baby's room ready. They love playing in the baby tub and playing with the baby's cloth diapers, but I wonder what they will think when that baby is here and has become a part of our family forever....what sweet times of adjusting to such a sweet gift from God. As my belly grows bigger and bigger and the baby moves more and more I find myself just wondering and still finding it hard to believe that God has blessed us again with a little one....that he is knitting it together so fearfully and wonderfully even now as I blog today with such wonderful plans for its thankful I am...maybe we will be able to call it by name on Tuesday.....just waiting on the Lord....and wondering...

Vacation...Oh how I love Vacation!

Andrew using his "quacker"!
We rode the Ducks in Branson...and Carson got to drive!

Cowboy Maddog!

Carson & Andrew's Favorite horse at Big Cedar...Festus!

Andrew's Favorite part about vacation...The Red Choo Choo!

Andrew's first Tea Cup Ride...he wasn't too sure about it!

Roller Coster Fun! Dustin and Carson are in the last car.

The Boys at Silver Dollar City

Oh how I love Vacation! When I was telling Carson and Andrew about vacation and as we began to count down the days till it began I told them that Daddy didn't have to work for 7 days! Carson couldn't hardley believe it...."you mean he gets to be with us and not have to go to work for 7 days" he kept asking over and over almost everyday. On Saturday morning as we prepared packing for vacation he told Dustin, "Daddy I am so glad you don't have to go to work today...or for 7 more days!" It was so sweet! The boys love vacation....and so do we! They were ready to go and were even more excited to hear that we would get to spend vacation this year with Mimi & Papa! We went to Big Cedar in Branson, MO. We absolutely love it there. It is a very special place for Dustin and I...we actually spent our honeymoon there 8 years ago and then later found out we were pregnant with Andrew there in 2005! This was our forth trip to Big Cedar and it is always amazing to me how beautiful it is! We have allways gone in May and never been in October so it was even more vibrant with the trees changing colors. Oh the fun we had with Mimi & Papa! We went to Silver Dollar City and The Dixie Stampede. The boys allways love Silver Dollar City....they are choo choo freaks! Unfortunately when we went back on wed it started raining in the afternoon and we were unable to ride it again...the boys were very dissapointed in that for sure. The Dixie Stampede was really neat and both boys were very attentive. Carson told us that his favorite part was the cows with the horns (longhorms)--they were cool! They asked him to be a part of the show and come down to the stage and chase chickens but he was too shy and decided to pass on the opportunity. After he saw what he would have been doing he told us "But I didn't have my boots" :) After all it was kind of dirty down there. Carson was in heaven on vacation because his Mimi fixed him bacon everyday....yum! We also got to Ride the Ducks in Branson, which I was very leary of at first but it turned out really fun! Carson even got to drive the "boat" and they took his picture. He was so proud of himself! Andrew unfortunately fell asleep during the first 20 minutes of the ride and missed most of the fun but he did utilize his "quacker" during that time! We truly had a wonderful time relaxing and playing with the boys and Mimi & Papa!

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Little Love Kick for Daddy

The past week I have been able to feel the new baby move especially when I lay down for bed at night...which is sooo exciting! I love that feeling of life inside of you-- How incredible! Last night I finally had a coke with dinner. I haven't had one in about two weeks because it seemed to upset my stomach and "gaggage" even more during the early stages of pregnancy. When I laid down last night I guess the caffeine had just set in because it felt like this little one was Dancing all over my tummy. I called Dustin in and even he could finally feel it! How cool....even a little love kick for Daddy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cloth have got to be kidding me!

Okay so here's the deal. My friend Cinthya was telling me about using cloth diapers about a year ago when she was pregnant with little Lisa and I really thought she was crazy....more laundry I thought. You have got to be out of your mind to want more laundry with a new baby at home! And then I saw how cute and functional they were...and can use them from 7-35lbs! And then I started thinking...okay my least favorite part about laundry is the folding and hmmmm thier would be no folding...just putting them in the washer and then the dryer....hmmmm. So I began to investigate further when we got pregnant again.....and I am going cloth!! Cloth Diapers that is! I ordered a dozen pack to see how I liked them in the colors above...clementine, grasshoper, butternut and white...can you believe they have orange (they call it clementine)---Andrew was so excited about that! They came in today and they are simply the cutest little things I have ever seen. I can't hardley wait to see this new little baby's hiney in them! Anyways...if you are curious here are the reasons I decided that it would be best for us:

1- COST....Disposable diapers for a baby to age 2 1/2 -3 yrs cost is approximately $2000.00.
Bum Genius Cloth Diapers cost $400.00 for 24. You do need to wash them every other day or every third day, so my good friend Amanda Geidl suggested 24 was enough for sure. The cost of detergent and Kushies (disposable liners that go on the cloth diapers to catch the poop where you can simply peel off the liner and put the poop and liner in the toilet without having to swish the cloth diaper in the toilet...Less Mess!) for 2 1/2 -3 yrs cost is $100.00.
Disposable $2000.00
Cloth $500.00
So we are looking at saving $1500.00 and we could still use the cloth diapers over again if God happened to bless us yet again with another baby Cupp in the years ahead.

2- Convience....I love the idea of not having to load up 3 kids to go to Sam's to buy diapers. I love the idea of having all my diapers already purchased and ready to go and to be able to use them over and over. (granted I have washed them, of course!)

3- Cuteness Factor.....they are adorable...and they come in ORANGE! :)

4- Adjustable...I can use the same 24 diapers the entire time they are for 7-35lbs.

5- Grossness Factor....when I think of all the disposable diapers that I used with Carson and Andrew rotting somewhere in a grosses me out....can you imagine how many are out there somewhere? Okay that's really yucky....lets move on.

6- State of the Art--- you can visit thier website to get more they are truly state of the art cloth diapers...not your old fashioned cloth diapers with pins...these puppies are amazing. When Dustin saw them tonight he was like...WOW...that is nothing like a cloth diaper!

Yes, I know cloth diapers.....I too once thought the idea of using them was absolutely crazy however, now I am SOLD and sooo looking forward to using them....did I mention they are too cute! :)


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dinner, Movie & a Baby!

Friday night was Date Night! Oh how I love date night with my favorite man! Caitlyn Barker came and played with the boys and Dustin and I went to dinner and a movie. Sometimes I simply forget how wonderful it is to enjoy dinner and conversation without children. After dinner we were running a little early for the show to start so Dustin suggested we try to go by his clinic and see what the baby was up to! What fun! When Dustin put the probe on my belly immeadiatley we could see a little hand spread wide like it was waving at us. The baby is about as big as a large plum this week. What a blessing to see it moving its little limbs and its little heartbeat just flickering away. It was so neat for us to get to see this little one...who gets to do that on a date night? How cool! With our new little pics in hand we headed to the movie. We went to see Fireproof. It was awesome! What a wonderful movie that glorified God! It made me so thankful for my wonderful husband that loves the Lord!

A Day with Thomas the Train

On Friday the boys, myself, Mimi, & cousin Will went to A Day with Thomas at the Oklahoma Railway Muesem. What a morning! The boys were so very excited to see and ride Thomas! They also got to jump in a moonwalk, get Thomas & James tatoos, play with Thomas the Train, see Sir Tompin Hat, listen and participate in the Musician Show, get balloon swords from a cute little clown and also got paper engineer hats that were really cute! Choo Choo Fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

All in a Dream....

Okay so I had this dream the other night that was so vivid....I know that pregnant people sometime have really vivid dreams....but this was really strange for me! In my dream I was in the hospital and I had given birth to a little girl and when the nurse brought her over to me I was schocked to see that she had bright red hair! I remember telling the nurse "Are you sure that she is mine? She has red hair???" When I woke up I remember feeling really dazed and told Dustin about it. He kind of laughed and said "Well Pap always said he would have a red headed grandchild and there isn't one yet!" A few minutes later after thinking more about it he told me that we would have to pick another girl name, we have chosen Abigail Ruth Cupp if it is a girl. Dustin has loved Abigail for a long time. It means "my father's joy". I asked him why we needed to change the name and he said he didn't see Abigail with red hair.....I laughed and said what? how exactly did you see her? knowing that both of my boys had dark hair when they were born and now they are so blond. Just funny! So the next day...mind you he is working with our family doctor and my ob this month, Dr.Ross, and in clinic he saw a little 6 month old girl with bright red hair that was too cute and he laughed and immeadiately remembered my dream...weird. He told Dr.Ross about it and Dr.Ross said okay so one with red hair... what color will the other one's hair be? He is always teasing us that thier are twins in my belly...that one was hiding behind the other in the last that would rock our world for sure! was all in a dream..... we will have to wait and see what little one that God has so perfectly placed in my womb and wonder already what color its hair may be.