Monday, April 9, 2012


Little Sleeping Beauty

I don't know what it is about sleeping babies but I just think they are so beautiful! She slept in this morning so I got to sneak in and just watch her for a bit. Soo fun!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Claire Isabel Cupp's 1 year Pictures

I have just been itching to get these pictures taken. I had a vision for what I wanted. I saw yellow and purple and tall flowers. I thought they might be tulips but by the time I got motivated and Abigail, Claire and I headed up to Tulsa the tulips were gone. The Lord did have some tall flowers in mind though and gave me a glimpse of them. They were the purple ones. I'm not sure what kind they are but Claire just loved them. When I think of Claire I think of purple. She looks so soft and delicate in it. It just seems to fit her. I looked it up just now and one website says that Purple is the color of good judgment. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment.It is said to be a color of mystery and majesty. I pray that purple may be a color to remind my sweet Claire that she is to seek after Him and use good judgment by using His word as a lamp unto her feet. I pray that she would always remember that she is a promise from the Lord, a daughter of royalty and that she may boldly share the mystery and message of hope of Christ with those that the Lord may put in her path on her journey. Our life verse for Claire is Galations 4:28 "You are a child of Promise." The Lord confirmed to us during her pregnancy that she was a promise from Him of restoration. A promise that she would be healthy and strong. A promise that we would get to hold this baby and see her grow outside of my womb filled with great plans that the Lord has in store for her life! A promise that she would be a little girl and that her name would be Claire. Claire means clear and bright. Isabel means God's promise. We are so blessed and thankful to receive this most precious gift of life in Claire Isabel! What a joy she is!

A Moms 31 Playdate

We went to play today with our Moms 31 group. What a beautiful morning! Here is Abigail, Claire and Stevie Kate! I am so thankful for the blessing of friendship! Praying for greatfriends for my children today that seek after and follow the Lord in obedience and gladness for all that He has done, is doing and will do!

We are so thrilled...we talked Mommy & Daddy into ducks today!

The kids talked us into ducks today at Atwoods. We ended up with three: Snow White, Sparky & Pistol Pete. Let the fun times begin!

Yes, folks she is feeding herself!

Oh it's very, very messy but she is so very proud of herself!