Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just little things to remember...

This is typical Abigail at the dinner table. For some reason she thinks that her foot belongs on it too!
Just a funny picture of Carson. We are so proud of him trying new foods this year. He now likes spaghetti!

Andrew is my official baby holder. He loooves to hold Claire and it really comes in handy when I need to put her down for a few minutes...and of course, she doesn't want to be, Andrew can hold her for me and save us all from her wonderful screams!

Carson playing "God is soo Good!!

Carson Playing "Praise Him, Praise Him all ye little Children"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

7 Weeks Old

Our Littlest princess is 7 weeks old!

I love this picture...this is what she looks like when I put her down.
She loves to be held and cuddled!

Just look how big she is getting!

She moved in with Abigail officially this week. She is sleeping in the crib and Abigail is sleeping all night in her toddler bed! I still get up with Claire 2-3 times a night. The first night together Abigail woke up at 5am when I went to get Claire to nurse and she didn't want to go back to bed. I tried to talk her into laying back down again and went to nurse in the living room with Claire. The next thing I heard was, "Andrew!"....yes, she was in the boys room trying to get Andrew up to play! Silly Abigail. I got Claire back settled in the crib and took Abigail up to snuggle with us...which she loved. Claire has started to smile and really follow things with her eyes. I haven't weighed her lately but I would guess she is close to ten pounds now. She is a great eater and a pretty good spit-up-er too! I forgot how many shirts you can go through in a day especially if you are always having little people carry off your burp cloths to play with. :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Potty Update

Well, all I can say is wowzers! Abigail has done an outstanding job in our the surprise of us all. Praise the Lord! The funny thing is she has invented her own word for it...she tells us" I need to pee-poo"...which is super cute! Today she even poo-pooed in the potty! Yea for the big sister!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Potty Time

Abigail started to tell us when she was needing to go to the bathroom totally on her own accord so I decided it would probably be best to get after the dirty business of potty training! Yes, I have a newborn and I have not lost my mind, well not completely at least.

So, we set off to wal-mart to buy some panties. The trip by the way was utterly the end of our little errand I was pushing a huge cart to the front to check out while holding Claire (at least she had stopped crying) after strapping a screaming Abigail in the cart and Andrew was finding joy in agitating his sister and seeing just how loud she really would scream...yes, I was that Mom today in Wal-Mart....not fun, not fun at all. So, in making it back home I was a little leery as to starting the training but decided the sooner the better and off we went. Abigail has done soo well...I really am shocked! I thought this picture was funny...apparently she thinks that her new panties are just another accessory to her wardrobe :) Well the training has begun and it has reminded me to be patient with my children like my heavenly father is so patient with me. Oh how He teaches me to be patient through my little munchkins. Here we go!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Claire is 6 weeks Old!

Our little angel is 6 weeks old! It is hard to believe. She is growing and getting chubby little thighs and cheeks. She is very much like Carson as a baby...not very content.
This little face....believe it! She is only content when she is held, bounced, or rocked but she will not be put down at any time if her eyes are still open! She is a mess pot, but an adorable little mess pot that we wouldn't trade for anything! Getting the housework done is a little impossible right now...I forgot how much longer it takes to do things when you only have one arm to operate on. I am overwhelmed at times at the things I need to do and yet the Lord is reminding me through Claire time and time again to slow down and just enjoy.
Enjoy my monkeys for they are growing so fast and this time now is so precious!
Here they came when they heard me taking pictures of their little sister.
Oh how they looove Claire!

Oh, the ducks

We filled the pool for the ducks this weekend! What fun to see them play and swim. They are so funny...they do not like being seperated at all! They squack and squack until they are side by side.. They are growing and getting bigger...and pooping alot!

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Pray for Abigail's hand

When we were at the park on Friday I was holding Abigail's hand and walking towards her brothers that were about ten feet from us going down a slide. She turned away from me and when I looked down I heard a pop. We went to the hospital and got an x-Ray...praise the Lord that it is not broken or dislocated!! I was very afraid it might be. We think she may have just sprained her wrist. She won't use her hand at all and she can't talk really well to tell us exactly where it hurts. Daddy made her a splint to protect it while it heals which she was so thankful for. Please join us in praying that God will heal Abigail's hand.

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Andrew & his good friend Caden showed up at church this morning with matching shirts!!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Spring Break Fun

The kids love watching the donuts cook so we squeezed in a trip to Krispy Kreme's.

Claire pooped after a day at the zoo.

A day at the zoo is not complete without a train ride!

The crazy crew. Lori Matthiesen and her kids, Ty, Hudson & Lola joined us...what fun!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011