Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

One of Andrew's favorite things...

Holding abigail! I can't believe how big they both look here!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Carson's Christmas Program

Carson was in the back this year so it was a little hard to see him but he actually SANG!!

Thier audience at the nursing home.

This is Hope :)

Carson has a girlfriend....what?

Andrew, Abigail and I joined Carson yesterday for his Christmas Party at school. As the kids were eating lunch another Mom approached me and asked if I was Carson's Mom. I said yes and she proceeded to tell me that she was Hope's Mom. She told me that Hope talks about Carson all the time and that they are apparently boyfriend and girlfriend.....what?!? To say that I was surprised would be an understatement! His teacher was standing close by and so I asked he about it and she said that she has caught Carson and Hope holding hands a couple of times. Seriously? My I asked him about it and he told me. "Mom, I like Hope and Hope likes me, it is okay." that night we got to sit down with him and talk about why he likes Hope and that it is great to have friends that are girls but he doesn't need to HOLD HANDS with anyone except his Mommy.....guess, he is growing up....waaaaaahhhh!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


"He restores my soul." Psalm 23:3

This past month Dustin and I have been ministering to and praying for a sweet couple that lost thier first baby through a miscarriage. It has been a really tough time for them and our hearts just ache for thier loss. We remember it so well. Our third child we lost in a miscarriage too in January of 2008. We have realized that God has healed our wound of losing this child and yet the scar is still there and is very tender at times. We were able to encourage them and offer them hope in the Lord through our testimony and all that the Lord taught us with the loss of this child. Last month I was sharing with my friend how Christmas is still a little difficult since we remember so vividly telling our whole family that we were expecting again during the holidays. Little did we know what God was doing in our hearts and in His perfect timing. Dustin began to tell me that in grieving with our friends that he really longed for another child. Shortly after Abigail was born I really felt like we would have another child also and thus I was not surprised when he told me this knowing that the Lord was aligning our hearts together in this. Little did we know also that God would bless us so soon with a new baby. This past week we discovered that we are indeed pregnant again! Our first response was, "Thank you Lord!".
We are shocked, thrilled, and overwelmed by His goodness! He has truly restored us! What a glorious, wonderful God we serve! Our new baby will be born the same month, August, that the baby we lost was due. This new baby will in no way replace that sweet child we lost however God has been able to restore the Christmas Season and the tenderness of August in this new blessing. I pray that this testimony of Him working in our lives may bring you hope and joy as a testimony of His perfect timing, His faithfulness and His abundant love for us! Pictured above is a blanket and pooh bear that the boys picked out for the new baby. Carson really understands that God has placed another baby in Mommy's belly. He keeps telling people that Mommy's belly has to get big like Santa's, then we will know that the new baby will be here soon! :) We are so thankful that the Lord would again bless us with another precious child. So the picture of our munchkins at Christmas above that is only about a week old is already outdated...... :)

Praising Him!

The Cupp Crew

Silly Sissy

Silly Sissy loves to chew on her bows and her hairbrush!!

The Ornaments are painted...

Abby Ruth's game was trying to get Andrew's paper towel....she won...
check out the blue upper lip!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Messy, Messy!

Yum!! Yum!!

The Christmas Train

What a neat night! Last night we went to Dry Gulch, U.S.A for The Christmas Train. It is about 1 hour away from Tulsa (close to Pryor, OK) but totally worth the drive! Sooo neat! It was built as as a movie set for a western movie and then the Church on the Move here in Tulsa bought it and made it into a wonderful Christmas Family Adventure with the most wonderful story of the gospel on a very unique Christmas Train Ride! The boys loved it but so did Mom and Dad! They had really too much there to do in one night. We got to see Santa at Santa's palace. They had a carousel, playground, wagon rides, carriage rides, music shows, mechantile stores, bakeries, restraunts....and much more. We hope to go every year from now on. What a wonderful reminder of the true reason that we celebrate Christmas! You can visit their website and find out more at

Andrew Maddox 3

Our "big" Andrew is the funny one. It is hard to believe that he is only three. He has been talking and cracking us up for so long now that we forget he is still a wee one! Andrew. He loves to go full speed all day long. If he had it his way he would not take naps, however he really needs them! This is a picture of him after our thanksgiving meal this year.....a great representation of him.....he runs and runs and runs and as long as he keeps going he doesn't know how tired he is but as soon as he slows down he is out! Out for the count, for sure. What fun he is! And what mischief he can get into! He still loves his trains. We are unsure as to if he will ever outgrow them. He has decided he doesn't want to kiss his Mommy anymore which is a little sad. The other day he was playing at a little girls house (Mackenzie) and she was trying to talk him into being her Prince and dancing with her. He kept telling her "Boys don't dance"...she proceeded to ask him if he wanted to give her Eskimo kisses and he of course was not going to play that game either. He insists that his name has a three in it. We have tried to explain that he is three years old....but his name does not have a three in it, however he is not convinced. He makes his Sunday School Teacher put "Andrew 3" on all of his papers! :) He loves football. We are not completely sure where that came from. He tells us that he is going to play for the Cushing Tigers, number A3 and he is going to knock those boys down.....I guess we will just have to wait and see what wonderful plans the Lord has in store for this little bundle of dynamite! Oh how we love Andrew Maddox!!

Carson's World

Carson's World. Our sensitive spirited little boy is growing and learning and exploring more and more everyday. One new thing that he loves to do is read! Yes, read. He is doing such a wonderful job at learning to read and he loves it. It has given him such a wonderful confidence in himself as he enjoys exploring and finding new books that he can read all by himself! Now before bed we are no longer just reading to the boys, Carson is reading to us! How exciting! We are so very proud that our prayers have been answered in that he is trying a few more foods every week. We have been praying about this for a very long time with Carson, he really has no desire to try anything new. He always is more confident in what he knows he likes or knows how to do already. What an accomplishment for him to try new things and find out that sometimes the different foods can be good and the new things can be fun! We are so proud of him and love the little man that he is becoming as he continues to grow! Oh how we love Carson Wayne!

The Little Girl

Our little Abby Ruth is growing leaps and bounds! She is such a joy! She will be 8 months old in 11 days! Crazy! She is such a cute little one. She is now sitting up really well. She loves to play with her brothers and slobber on anything she can get her hands on. She does not however like to lay on her belly still, in fact she rolls onto her back as soon as you put her on her belly, so we are unsure as to how long it will take her to figure out how to crawl if she spends absolutely no time on her belly :) She is a little one weighing in at 17 lbs 7 oz.....kind of strange since she started out at 8 lb 15oz...go figure! She loves her Daddy and has eyes all for him these days. She doesn't babble much during the day but when he comes home all she says is "dadadadadada"...she loves to catch his eye and melt his heart! What a sweet little blessing from the Lord. Oh how we love little Abby Ruth.