Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Gracie turned 10 this month!

Sorry kids, it is picture time!

Easter this year was very simple and oh so sweet. We tried very hard this year to share the Easter story with the boys over and over again. How much Jesus loves us. That He would die for us. And then three days later....He was alive! Victory over death. Victory over sin. For us. All for us! Oh how He loves us and longs for us to choose Him to be Lord of our lives. Oh how He longs to live in our hearts and transform us into His image! He is soo worthy! And we are so thankful that He Lives!! On Easter morning when the boys awoke and saw their baskets of candy that we had for them Andrew shouted out, "Mommy, Jesus brought us Candy!!!". Sill Andrew, soo funny! No Andrew, Jesus did not bring you candy but eternal life if only you will choose Him! We are continuing to pray for the day that they will choose Him and walk in His ways! Happy Resurrection Day!

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Cinthya said...

Great pictures. I'm sure you are getting settled into your new house and will enjoy your new pool and sauna. It's been really really hot. Keep in touch.