Monday, February 1, 2010


So, Carson came down with a nasty cold last weekend and after much separation and isolation and tying to keep the toys all sanitized....all three monkeys got this nasty cold! I was just thanking the Lord the week before about how wonderful the winter months had been because our children have been well all winter....and then they got the cold. Eight days later Abigail Ruth, the last one to get it, had a great day. Of course, they still have the yucky cough and snotty noses but they are Well!!...Praise the Lord!! Andrew and I took Abigail to the doctor today for her 9 month check up and she is a whooping 17.6 pounds....she gained 2 ounces in 3 months!! She does not like baby food. Occasionally we can get her to eat 3-4 spoons of it but then she refuses...I have never seen a baby use the clamped down jaw and hit away a spoon with yummy baby food on it.....silly girl! She is so little. Not crawling yet, she does lunge a little to get toys that are out of reach but she really doesn't have the whole crawling thing down yet at all....which Mommy thinks is really okay. I love the extra time of her sitting and playing...and staying in one place! :) She is a jabber-jaws....she loves to "talk". Her favorite words right now are Dada and Mama. I am just itching to get her 9 month pictures done so they may be coming soon! 35 Days till Honduras!! We are thrilled and so excited to go and serve alongside our friends, The Tumlisons. As we get closer and closer the boys are starting to ask all kinds of questions like "Where will we sleep?" "What do they have to eat there?" "Will we understand them?" (Carson is really worried that he doesn't know enough spanish... :) ) We learned that the little community that our friends live in have dug a huge hole and nailed a tarp down so the children can jump on the "trampoline"....the boys are super excited about this! Should be interesting! I wonder what the Lord has in store......praying that we continue to stay Well until then!!

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