Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wowzers, God is good!!

Overwhelmed. In one word my life these days I am truly overwhelmed with God's goodness. Overwhelmed! We are loving our new home. It is such an incredible blessing! We love our new town. It is so wonderful! Three little things I am thankful for so far: 5 minutes to Dustin's clinic and Hospital! It is soo close and so little traffic!!! Small Town Wal-mart! (as a side note here...I now enjoy going to wal-mart, weird, yes, I know. I am always in and out soo quickly, and with three kids in tow!! A town of 8,000 compared to a town of 800,000 people= much less people at Wal-mart! Which I love especially since I haven't quite gotten my head together and seem to forget items on my list time and time again and end up there every other day at least.) The sounds of God's creation! I love that in my front yard I can hear cows in the morning when I am watering my flowers. I love the sounds of the birds (and occasional rooster) in my backyard as I am watering yet again more flowers (you would not believe the landscaping that this home has! Amazing! 7 huge flowers beds! and no water sprinkler system installed, so we will see just have to wait and see how diligent I can be in taking care of these beds. I enjoy it, it just takes a lot of time in the mornings to get them all watered, but a great time to talk to God!) At night, I love the sounds of the crickets, frogs, and all the other fun wildlife noises....shortly after we moved in Dustin and I were sitting in the hot tub off the back deck (a hot tub, God blessed us with a hot tub!...thank you Jesus!) it was perfect. The sounds of the night and fireflies overhead flying about everywhere while soaking in a hot tub..... Overwhelmed by His goodness. So hard to believe, truthfully, that God has prepared this amazing home and place for us to live in and serve Him in! We are so humbled by Him and His wonderful plans for our family as we continue to seek Him! Wowzers, truly what an awesome God we serve!

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