Friday, May 7, 2010


Bows. So Abigail's bow collection grew out of her old bow holder that I made her before she was born. I have been pilling the bows on her changing table & sifting through them to find a matching one for her outfit most days. Today the wee ones & I set off to make her a new one that would match her new bathroom. I was soo excited! I found the cutest little wooden dots and used the letters B.O.W.S to anchor the ribbon at the bottom. So I was estatic to get it painted & glued together and then I started loading her bows.....and continued loading her bows.....her new bow holder is already full....Crazy!! Crazy Bows!!!! :)

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Ashley said...

LOVE IT! I'm a big sucker for hairbows. I have been in heaven with two little girls and all the hairbows. Not that you need any more, but I have found some good ones on ebay. Seller is hetianlu and they come from China, so it takes a little while to get them, but the quality is very good and you can get quite a few for a low price.