Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's up with us...

Well we have sure been enjoying the past few weeks! The last week of June Dustin graduated from residency at In His Image. Yay! Training completed finally! Praise the Lord! It was a great time and we are so proud of Daddy. We ended up having to take Grandmommie to the ER the night of graduation but she is doing so much better now and we rejoice that she was with us and we were able to help her so quickly that night. After graduation we headed to Branson for some much needed vacation time with Mimi & Papa. We enjoyed getting to play at Big Cedar and go to Silver Dollar City. Papa rented a pontoon boat for us all one day and that was loads of fun! The boys were not sure about the whole swimming in the lake, in fact they told us that they would not get in the lake, they were not taking thier swimming suits! We took them just in case they changed thier minds....and of course, they did. The boys loved it! They swam, tubbed and did a little fishing. After the fun day Daddy decided maybe we needed a pontoon boat, which promptly did not get an approval from me. They are fun to rent once or twice a year but not a good idea to own at this time! Silly Daddy! Anyways, we are now back home and loving our special time with Daddy. He is home until July 26th! He is studying to take the board exam on the 23rd but other than studying he gets to play with us!! What fun lazy days of playing and swimming! We are very much enjoying this special time we have with him! His first day of clinic is Monday, July 26th. We are very excited to begin decorating and getting his clinic and office ready for his patients! And no, you did not miss the pictures at the top of the post, there were none! I have been so incredibly bad about taking pictures....I didn't even get my camera out at granduation or vacation.....what was I thinking? That I am unsure of....hopefully I can get my hands on a few from graduation at least. My sister, Ashlea, is getting married this weekend. Very fun! Both of the boys are in the wedding. They do not understand yet what their job entails...walking down an isle with alot of people on either side all looking at them to walk to the front with the rings....this should be interesting! I am a bridemaid and have been praying for the past two weeks that my bridemaids dress will still fit in time for me to wear it to the wedding. Why? You may ask....Well the Lord has blessed us once again with a little one! We are eight weeks pregnant and I already have a small baby bump! We were able to see the little munchkin and see its little heartbeat on Saturday. Please pray for the newest little Cupp that it would continue to grow and develop into a healthy little munchkin. We are overwelmed at God's goodness and this unexpected little gift that He has blessed us with! Carson is hoping for two babies. A girl that Abigail can play with and a boy that they (Andrew and him) can play with that they can name Joseph. (?Not sure where that came from) Pretty funny. Daddy didn't like Carson's idea at all! And yes, tried the dress on today and it is snug but I think it will be okay, only 3 more days till the wedding...praise the Lord! I hope and pray that you are all doing well and growing in the Lord! God bless you and Keep you, May His face Shine Upon you!
Praising Him!

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