Thursday, July 18, 2013

Today: Batty to Breathtaking

This morning started out a little batty...literally. I came out of the laundry room and found this bat taking a snooze on the screen on our front porch. Weird. It may have been some kind of indication as to how our day was going to go. Abigail came down with a cold last night so she was quite fussy and not feeling well so we gave the girls a school free pass and went to work because we needed to get finished in time for the Lowe's delivery guys to bring the new fridge we ordered. We have waited and waited to replace the 23 year old fridge and it has gotten worse and worse in leaking all over the floor most recently pretty much every day. We were hoping to wait until the Lord provided a buyer for our home in Cushing but He did something awesome. He provided a great sale and an extra shift for my husband to cover the cost. Go God! So, needless to say we were all very excited about the new fridge. The only kicker was the dimensions of the space.
We measured and measured all kinds of fridges. Because the cabinetry was built 20 years ago most (well very close to all) fridges wouldn't fit. In the store the one we really liked measure right on our measurement for our cutout. Have you ever prayed for a fridge to fit? I know that God has many other things to take care of but I sure prayed that this fridge would fit with no issues...well, guess what?
Yep, the one that was delivered to us was 1/8 of an inch too, we had more work ahead.
And when I say we, I mean my prince of a husband of course. Poor guy worked all day and came home to have to cut out the top of the shelving and then the side also for us to be able to fit the fridge into the spot it needed to go.
A small job turned into yet another 2.5 hour job. But... 
We got it in! So, it was late when Dust and I sat down to eat (I had fed the kids earlier while he ran to Lowe's for a sander) and we looked out the windows and saw the most beautiful sight.

The Momma deer and her twins were back! Just hanging out in our backyard. I even got a few pics before they heard me and took off. Just breathtaking to see how beautiful and graceful they are. There is just something special about seeing twins..maybe because they are such a double blessing. Today.. started out a bit batty..then frusterating and finally ended well and breathtaking! Thank you Lord is all I can say!  

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