Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yep, been there..done that...Lost a Child...and it WAS NOT awesome!

We purchased some discounted baseball tickets for the local Lexington Legends earlier this spring and were able to use them last night. The weather was perfect. For some strange reason the star wars guys were at the game so the boys wanted pictures with them... 

And here it is...I was taking this picture. Claire was scared of them so Dustin was holding Claire. I thought Abby was right beside him. He decided to head up to our seats. I took the picture, got the boys and followed. As we got up to the seats I did not see Abigail. Dustin thought she had stayed with me. He immediately put Claire down and went back to where we were. I sat and prayed. I tried not to panic but just breath and pray that the Lord would protect her. He called within the next few minutes frantic. She was no where to be found. I asked the lady above us with two children to watch my three and took off down the stairs. Praying. I was praying for wisdom in what to do and where to look. Immediately I saw a stadium staff member speaking into an ear piece. I rushed over and asked her if she had found a child. A little girl. She told me yes. She asked my name. The little girl had told them that she had lost her Mommy and her name was Amanda Cupp. All I could say was Praise the Lord! Thank you Lord! The lady told me to make sure and praise Abigail. She had done the right thing. She had stopped and told them she was lost and who her Mommy was. Just then Dustin came up beside me and we were able to walk to guest relations and retrieve our daughter. And yes, our social Abigail was just fine...talking away and having a starburst with the nice lady that found her. So we can officially join the "I lost a child" club. We are not proud of it but it happened in just a moment. It just took one second. I am thankful that the Lord was watching over her and protecting her. It makes me think of the Chris Tomlin song "God of Angel Armies". The lyrics say I know who goes before me..I know who stands behind...the God of Angel Armies is always by my side. Yesterday for 10 minutes we did not know where Abigail was but I had peace even in the moment that my God walks before me and behind me. Even though I didn't know where she was...He did. She knew what to do and the Lord protected her. It was a very good reminder of God's hand upon our lives. It also makes me think about how happy I was to find her safe and in my arms again. I am sure that in some little way that is the way the Lord rejoices too and finds great joy when his lost children are finally found in Him again.   

After we were all reunited we enjoyed some baseball, snacks and fireworks. A funny from the evening was Andrew asking "what team are we anyway?" the seventh inning! He is soo my child!

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