Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Celebrating 50 days of Homeschool!

Today was our 50th day of homeschool for our year long T3 Academy. We have been having fun and learning so much! We have memorized 12 scriptures, explored 7 Chapters in the gospel of John, traveled through 700 years of American History, Read Squanto and the story of Sarah Witcher, painted and colored more pictures than I know what to do with, worked on our penmanship and the boys have almost completed a whole semester of math! Abigail is doing really well too! She has completed 246 pages in her preschool workbook and can recognize most of her letters. She loves to do worksheets. Claire is just funny. She is doing well with staying busy and she says out of the blue most everyday "Shhhh, I am working hard here." And she is. Working hard at staying busy. We started out with our school time mostly in the mornings but found out that it worked better for us to get our chores done in the mornings and school completed in the afternoons. The boys are doing really well and wanting to visit all of the historical places now: Plymouth (Pilgrims landed), Philadelphia (where the Liberty bell rang), New York City (First Capitol of America), Washington DC...and the list goes on. We are going to Louisville in November to the World Health Missions Conference and plan to visit an old plantation and a colonial home so they can understand what life was like in colonial times. This has been a fun thing about the Lord moving us to Kentucky. We are much closer to be able to visit a bunch of very historical places. We can actually take the train to many places and the stop is about an hour from our home. We have joined the Christian Homeschool group here in town that has about 40 families this year. The boys started having art class every other Friday and the first lesson was awesome!! I can't wait to get the project completed and hung on their wall! They really loved it and I am excited to have a great inspiring teacher to challenge them and guide them in creating art. They are also taking piano once a week which is going really well although they do miss their teacher in Cushing. There is no one like Ms. Holly. New adventures are fun! 50 days of learning down. Not every day has goes super smooth but I am learning to go with the flow, be flexible and seek out the moments to teach even outside of our "classroom". God continues to redeem our time if we continue to put Him first and that is a very good thing for The Cupp Crew.

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