Monday, November 25, 2013

The Bird and The Tree

 Thanksgiving and Trimming the tree! Nina came and joined us this year for our Thanksgiving feast and we taught her how to make a pie. She had lots of help and it turned out pretty yummy! The kids wanted cookies so we decided to make some turkey cookies too. A funny on Thanksgiving was in cooking the turkey. I was trying to be very good about the whole process. I brined it and got it all set up. I had it cook for two and a half hours and the timer went off to. I went to check it. The house did not smell like I took it out and looked at my instructions. The temp inside the bird needed to be 180 degrees....hmm, 180 degrees sounds familiar....I looked at the oven. Oops, I had set the oven at 180 degrees and it was of course sapossed to be set at 350. Oh my! Well, at least I put it in early and we had another hour and a half for it to cook! And much to my surprise it actually turned out and was very moist and yummy. It was happily consumed by all! After dinner we got the tree out and trimmed the tree. Such fun! Our first Christmas in Kentucky has begun. We have so very much to be thankful for!

Carson, took this picture! He did such a great job!
Let us Celebrate the newborn King!!

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