Wednesday, June 4, 2014


 Naidine also loved her book of pictures. I translated many scriptures for them in creole and put them in the book to remind them that they are valuable, cherished, loved, precious in His sight!

On Thursday we took the team to the ocean for a quick swim and when we got back to the Jacmel location Naidine and two of her friends were waiting for me. She had drawn me two pictures and wanted me to have them. She is so shy it just warms my heart to see her blush. Her friends were encouraging her to give me the letters. So cute! One morning I was on the porch reading my bible and I looked up to see her trying to carry a 5 gallon bucket of water that they had used for baths. She was needing to dump it out. She was in charge of that for the day. I watched her take a few steps and put the bucket down...a few steps and put the bucket down. I put my bible down and walked over to help her. Together we carried to bucket over to the grass so she could dump it out. She gave me a quiet little thank you and a shrug of her shoulder before she disappeared into her house to get ready for the day. Naidine sought me out this trip at every opportunity. Sometimes I hated to tell her I had some work to do but I would find her in a little while to play. One night I was able to play UNO with her and some girls. Such fun! Sure love this little girl.

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