Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Swim Team and Swim School

This summer we have had some super busy mornings...we decided to try Swim Team in Mount Sterling. It is a small town about 30 minutes away from Morehead. Unfortunately Morehead was unable to open its pool this season because of its need of massive repair. We found out about the swim team opportunity and decided to give it a try. The kicker is that it is four days a week practices from 8-9am in the morning! That means we have to be out the door by 7:15am...and that is a feat...we are realizing that the girls are a wee bit grumpy if they don't get all of their beauty sleep.  The boys have really enjoyed it and are learning all kinds of swimming strokes! We are so proud of them in trying something new and learning all about swimming fast! (And a special note...they were not so crazy about the team swim wear) The girls have been taking swim lessons from 10:30-11:15 in the mornings after the boys finish up and have done a great job. Abigail especially is learning to swim like a little fish. These mornings have been so good for us. The boys have been making some friends and play basketball most every morning while we wait for the girls class to begin. When I took this picture of them playing ball with their new friends all I could think of was the movie Sandlot. Small town. Gang of Kids. Summer Fun. The only bad thing about the swim team is the swim meets...our first meet was three hours long as we waited for our boys to each swim two races....Abigail as you can imagine was pretty dramatic about waiting and waiting...and then yet waiting some more. :) 

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