Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Claire Isabel in 3D!

This picture is a side picture of her body. You can see a little of her head in the upper left, she has one fist over her eyes and then her other arm folded behind her ear on the left. Her leg stretching out from the bottom middle of the picture to the right side. Daddy said she needs to put on some weight, she looks pretty skinny right now!

Here is a picture of her face with both hands on the sides of her face.

Another view of her face with her arms on each side.

Another of her face, a little hard to see because she was playing with her cord!

What a fun day! This past friday on our way to Branson we got to see Claire Isabel playing in 3D. Amazingness! I will try to load the video to YOUTUBE for those that are interested. She was very active stretching, playing with her toes, hands and then the umbilical cord. She loved to put her hands on her face almost like she was playing peek-a-boo. 12 more weeks till we get to snuggle our littlest princess! Thank you Lord for this most precious baby girl!

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