Wednesday, November 17, 2010


They love to ride ANY ride. This was a nicely spent $.75. Just look at the joy!

Abigail found a kitchen playset quickly at the Disney Store.

The three monkeys!

So sweet! Abigail looooves Carson. He is such a good brother and always tries to "help" her and herd her around.

Carson wanted a picture with Abigail. :)

Carson wanted a picture with the reindeer!

Andrew DID NOT want a picture with Carson.

The little Sissy fell asleep while we were waiting for the train ride at Silver Dollar City! Daddy said he didn't mind at all.

We loved that at Silver Dollar City they really made it evident that Christmas was about Christ's Birthday!!

Andrew....what a cutie pie!

I had to add these pics because this is what Abigail is constantly doing....putting things on and pulling things off. She loves to go to the boys room and open thier dressers and put on thier clothes. During vacation we had the boys clothes laid out so she decided to dawn the underwear and as you can see after we got to laughing about it Carson also joined in the sillines.

Vacation. A much needed time of rest and family fun! We went to Branson this year in November to see the Christmas lights at Silver Dollar City! It was very fun! They have over 5 million lights strung up and a 5 story Christmas tree! We did some shopping, lots of eating and enjoyed being together! The last night we were there we went to The Dixie Stampede Christmas was so fun and they even had a wonderful nativity scene in the show! Thank you Lord for providing a time for us to relax and have fun as a family as you began to prepare our hearts for the Christmas Season!

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