Saturday, March 16, 2013

Project 12: A wreath for the door

What is more welcoming than a bright and beautiful wreath for the door? My husband is not a fan of wreaths and in just about every home we have owned we have had a glass door on I have not put a wreath on the door until now! I looked and looked on but they were just too expensive. I thought maybe I could do it myself. We made a trip to Lexington today and Abigail and I ventured in Garden ridge to find a grapevine and some flowers for our wreath! What fun! I will have to say that Garden ridge is totally overwhelming to is so big and too many things to look at. I met a nice lady there and she told me she uses the same wreath and just hot glues the flowers on, takes them off and redoes the flowers to go with the season! What a great idea! So we tackled the wreath today for $20. We are definitely bringing more orange to Kentucky living! I would like to maybe put a "C" on it maybe in the blue but I couldn't find it during the hunt and we got tired looking. :)

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