Friday, March 28, 2014

Promises of Spring

 It is warming up around here so we are taking walks to the park. The boys are so sweet to the girls in helping them ride on the scooters up the big hills!
 We finally got the girls quilts I made back from the quilting shop. They are ready to go and just perfect!! The girls love them!

 This is Carson and Abigail. They have a wonderful relationship right now. Abigail loves her Carson. She loves to torment him with her love. He does not return the embraces and sweetness. She calls him her "cutie pie". She teases him and says, "I love Carson soo much. I love him more than pizza. I love him more than Rastus. I love Carson!" He just shakes his head and wants her to go away. In school the other day she was to draw someone she loved in the heart shape and guess whom she chose....Oh, Carsy! You can tell from the picture above that he thought it was awesome. Abigail's love for Carson is Awesome! Everything is Awesome! The other day in the car she was singing, "If you just tell me you love me I will stop singing...lalalalala...all you have to do is tell me you love me boys and I will stop singing"....and it was the song that never ended on that car ride...the boys chose to endure the singing over telling Abigail that they loved her. I smiled the whole ride home! So funny that girl!
 This blesses my little heart. Today I came upstairs to find these boys curled up with good books. I love that they love to read and it wasn't even book time!
 Took this picture on my walk this morning. The trees are still barren but there is great hope in the promise of spring. The birds are singing as they welcome new growth, new beauty, and new life! I can't help but think of God's great love story written to us and displayed for us in springtime so many years ago with a cross and an empty tomb. As we look around may we remember the new hope we have in Jesus that brings us new growth, new beauty and new life!

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