Saturday, April 30, 2011

Eggs at Easter

Easter was a little different for us this year. My grandfather got really sick and transferred to Mercy Hospital in OKC on Sunday morning so we spent most of the day at the hospital with him. He is now doing much better and hoping to go home in the next couple of days. Praise the Lord! We did manage to dye some eggs! As you can see it was alot of fun! Abigail's hands turned up green for about 24 hours...I think the boys were calling her the green goblin and of course she was chasing them and acting like a monster. We did have a very special time Sunday morning with our kids as we read from our bible the story of Easter morning 2011 years ago....that Jesus is ALIVE!! That is truly the only reason we celebrate Easter. It is not about eggs, bunnies, fancy church clothes, chocolate candy or gifts in the easter baskets but the most precious gift that God gave us when He sent his son to die for us, paying our penalty for sin and the celebration that He was victorious over death! He lives!

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