Friday, April 15, 2011

New Friends and New Ministry!

Abigail and her friend Ellie Kate

Look how little Claire is filling out! She is a cutie pie!

Andrew and his new friend Tennyson

The girls are still sleeping and thus I have stolen a few moments to blog, has been a busy week but a great one. I feel so blessed as I think about how God continues to bless us with such sweet friends. One of my new friends brought me the ingredients and recipe to make my own 5 gallon tub of laundry detergent...yes! She told me I would dilute it 2/3 detergent to 1/3 water and the cost for the ingredients to make the detergent was around $3.00. Her 5 gallon tub has lasted her family of four for four months and it works great! Awesomeness! I am soo excited to try it and start saving money...boy, do we use lots of detergent these days! Claire is growing and growing...I think she may actually get rolls on her thighs! Abigail is sleep walking....weird, yes. Three times this week. Once I got up with Claire to feed her around 4am and found Abigail asleep on the floor of the living room without her blanket (she doesn't go anywhere without her blanket when she is just waking up) night she came up our stairs and into our room, not saying a word and Dustin pulled her into bed for a while, she never woke up and did not have her blanket...then this morning when Dustin woke up he heard snoring in our room and looked down beside the bed and there was Abigail asleep on our floor right beside the bed without her blanky. Strange. It scares me because she is climbing our stairs...asleep. Tonight we will start using the gate again at her doorway to keep her safe. Carson is doing super well....Ms.Holly is so impressed with his piano playing each week...he is soon going to surpass my piano skill level...and he really enjoys it! He also brought home his BEAR reading test this week with 100% in all four catagories! Yea, Carsy. Andrew is doing great...he is a funny boy. We find such joy in listening to his amusing statements and questions these days...silly, silly, silly! New Ministry...God is up to some great things in the hearts of some Cushing Moms, mine included! Four of us met this week to start a new ministry for stay-at-home Moms much like Mops here in our church. Our town does not have a group like this yet and has so many Moms that would be able to get connected to each other and to Christ through this ministry! Oh, how I love how God works in weaving Moms together! It has only just begun! We are in the beginning stages of praying, researching and planning but we are confident that God is in the I was praying about it this last week I kept coming back to the idea of equipping...Equipping Moms to be the best that they can be with Christ's help and the encouragement of other Moms! I can't wait to see what He has in store! Well, Carson just came off the bus...time to get moving again....tomarrow is Abigail's birthday party....more on that later!!

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