Friday, February 22, 2013

I am not surprised

Our loan officer called from Kentucky Bank today asking if he could come out to the house and talk with me. They have been moving quickly to get everything ready to try to hit the original closing date, March 4. I wondered why he was coming to me. Now, that is service I thought! When he got to the house I could tell he was squirming a bit and then he finally told me the news....during the title search on the house the owner that we had a contract with was not the owner on the title. Interesting. I was not surprised. We have just been sitting back and watching the Lord work and I found myself not shocked at all that there would be yet another snag on the house. Come to find out the owner that we have been dealing with, Mr.Huber, couldn't get anyone to refinance his house so he could get the equity out so he went to a guy to help finance the mortgage. The guy did finance it but put the title in his name. Actually a very smart move on his part we are learning now. Mr Huber did not disclose this information to us so it was a surprise to our banker to find out the title was not free and clear. We believe Mr.Huber was hoping we wouldn't find out about the other guy on the title then he could take the money and run and never have to payback the loan shark. The loan shark was smart. He put the title of the home in his name. So, where does that leave us? Well, after lots talk between lawyers and realtors, the owner on the actual title will be coming in town Monday and has said he will sign off on the contract agreement between us and Mr.Huber. We are continuing to wait on the Lord. He is still working and protecting us along the way. He was not surprised. We should not be surprised. We should expect difficulty and trials. We should expect Satan to throw a wrench into a quickly moving plan. So interesting. We are not worried. God is in control.

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