Saturday, April 6, 2013

A visit from Mimi & Papa

The kids had been counting down the days until Mimi and Papa were here and made these signs the day before we went to the airport.

This is Roo's happy face when she saw her Mimi!

I love this one...they were waiting so patiently...watching everyone come off of the escalator.

I think they both missed some snuggle time.

One day we all ventured to the pond behind our home to fish.

Even Rastus was enjoying the sport.

Papa, helped us fill the bird feeder and we got to introduce them to our resident Wood Pecker.

Dying eggs on Good Friday


A fun day of hamburgers, ice cream and bowling in Winchester.

Well, to say that we all enjoyed getting to spend time with Mimi and Papa is an understatement. We had so much fun in the time we had with them to show them all over Kentucky...and even a brief trip into Ohio. The kids seemed to soak up the time with them. It was so fun to share with them where we are now and what our life is like here. We were hoping it would have been a little bit warmer but we did have a couple of days of nice outside weather. We let the boys skip two days of school to take in more of the time with them and I think we all got a great dose of a great pair of grandparents. I will have to say that we were all so very sad to see them go. It was harder than I thought it would be at the airport. Claire kept saying, "I just want my Mimi." It is hard to explain to a two year old that the time is up...the visit is over...we are not sure when we will see them again, but we are so thankful for the time we had. I found myself really grieving for the first time the time lost for my children and their grandparents as we have obediently followed the Lord to Kentucky. I was so sad for them not being closer and able to share more life and activities together. I remember my friend and missionary to Kapsowar Kenya, Vanessa Jones, speaking at a Moms 31 Ministry Meeting about the sacrifice of family and leaving to serve overseas. Sacrifice of time...birthdays...holidays, ect. I remember her just crying and crying while reading her story and I got up to stand with her during that part knowing it would be so hard for a mom to do that. I now know very much how it feels. We are not a country away but 14 hours is a long ways away. For the first time we have celebrated birthdays and holidays alone. After Mimi and Papa left, I found that I really needed a couple of days to process and give that over to the Lord. It is a hard part of following Him faithfully. It makes me think of the song of surrender "Wherever He leads I'll go, Wherever He leads I"ll go. I will follow my Christ who loves me so...Wherever He leads I'll go." He never promises it will be close...or easy...or comfortable...but He loves me and His best is the best for me and my family. Wherever means wherever...Wherever He wants us to go. We trust that He will redeem the time and give us the opportunity to be with our family as much as we can. He alone is worthy! "If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land." Isaiah 1:19

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