Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ministry....where the Lord is working in our hearts now.

When we first came to visit and interview at St.Claire Regional Hopital in Morehead, KY we were able to spend a day with our realtor Margie and her grandson, Tyler. It was a good day where they showed us the town and some prospective homes. We really got to know them and asked them lots of questions about Morehead. We asked, "What are some spiritual stronghold in Morehead." Tyler took some time to think about it and came back to it at the end of the day with two answers: apathy and lack of discipleship. We believe that the Lord has given us a heart for medicine and ministry that go hand in hand. We knew that the Lord was specifically bringing us to this community and wanted a genuine picture of where it was spiritually and what the need was. We have been praying and seeking what the Lord as to what our ministry looks like here and it has been very interesting to see Him continue to fill in parts of the full picture of His will for us. We have gotten to know Tyler and his new fiancĂ©, Bri. He is a fourth year medical student and will be coming to the St.Claire Family Medicine Residency Program next year. Tyler and Bri have asked us to mentor them and prepare them with some premarital material and bible study. We have never done this before but are super excited about sharing this time with them and pouring into them what the Lord has taught us. We have decided on a study and a 12 week plan. This past week we also met with three other couples and have begun talking about and praying through starting a sunday school class for our generation at the church we are attending. Currently there are only two adult classes for ages 40-60 and 60 and Up. There is a great, great need here and it truly goes back to the stronghold of lack of discipleship. We cannot disciple people without small group bible study. We cannot be fishers of men/families for our generation without a place to plug them into..connect them to Christ...and then help them mature in Christ. The age groups that seemed to have fallen through the cracks in this regard are after highschool to 40ish. We are prayerfully considering to help teach and be a strong and active part of this new class. Another thing that we have been praying through and are just in the seeking it out stage is the option of homeschooling. The boys are really not liking school at all. For many reasons really and so we have begun to pray that the Lord would open our eyes and hearts to what He might want us to do in this season of our life. A part of homeschooling excites me. We are spiritually homeschooling our children right now. Intentionally. When I think of the teaching 4 children academically all day, every day...that totally overwhelms me. I do love to be with my children but the Lord will really have to be my strength and shield if that is what He calls us to do. He keeps giving me Phil 4:13 "I can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens me." All...naturally means, we will just continue to pray and know that He will align our path with His word as a lamp unto our feet.

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