Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Roo!

Well, out Abigail Ruth is officially 4! We had a fun day at her request at Monkey Joe's in Lexington (it is a play place with inflatable bounce houses and games), lunch at Chic-fil-a and a cake from Rootabakers Bakery! She wanted Cinderella stuff this year. She is our little drama princess and thus she told us "This is the BEST birthday EVER!" ...well, at least until next year :) When I think of Abigail and the blessing she is I am filled with joy. Her name means "My father's joy". The gift of this precious girl brought such restoration, joy and healing to us. We found out we were pregnant with her on the day we were due with our first child that is in glory waiting for us. I remember just crying and laughing at the same time...God's timing, of course, is perfect. I remember waiting for her the last days until she was here with us as I watched a momma bird make a nest on my front porch in Tulsa. She had eggs in the nest and she was waiting too to see new life.

Abigail's delivery was not easy and in fact very scary. She was very large and Dr. Ross has to assist in helping her come into the world. She was our little girl who brought healing to us but she also needed healing herself upon arrival. She arrived with a broken clavicle and pretty severe hip dysplasia. She had to wear a soft brace for about 8 weeks all of the time. The Lord healed her and he restored us. We are so thankful for this little sister! God has great and mighty plans for her life and we are so thankful he placed her in our family! We love our Abby Roo!

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