Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Conference Call

Yesterday was a big day. God's picture of His desires and plans for our family is slowly showing more and more details. Dustin had a conference call with Shannon (the guy I happened to sit by on the plane home from Kentucky), Mark (the former lead singer for Audio Adrenaline and Founder of the Hands and Feet project) and Roger ( a coordinator for the HAF project). They were all excited to see how the Lord had orchestrated us all together so perfectly. Shannon said that just the day before he got on the plane a friend and big donor for the HAF project called him. A very short call. He told him that he had just read this book "Not a Fan" and that Shannon needed to pick it up and read it. The next morning he boarded the plane and I was sat next to him and I was reading the book. Our two hour conversation started from the comment "Are you reading "Not a Fan"? My friend just told me I needed to pick it up and read it."...God is so intentional. God is the master weaver of believers. So yesterday... the conference call. What an exciting time to hear their hearts for the Lord and the vision He has given them to be the Hands and Feet of Christ as they love, provide for and train up these orphans for the glory of God in Haiti. So where do we fit in that picture? They need a medical director to oversee care. They currently have no one. They currently have 100 children in 2 facilities that have no regular care or provider. They only rely on occasional missionary relief in physicians and dentists when they come to Haiti. They need someone to help in planning trips and providing a more regular scheduling of teams of physicians and support team members to come and take care of the children. We believe the Lord has placed us exactly where He can use us to help HAF. To help these children. To share the love of Christ with them. What exciting times! Dustin will also be helping with developing and implementing a protocol for what to do medically when things arise. Would you join us in praying? They have asked that we join them January 7-10 in Haiti for a quick trip to tour the grounds, pray with them, and discuss where to go from here. We are so thrilled with the opportunity but we are unsure as to God's timing. Our home is still awaiting the right buyers but Dustin doesn't have to start in Kentucky until January 14th. Please pray that the Lord will continue to work all of the details out. That He will continue to confirm to us what He would like for us to do and how He can use us. They have told us that the travel and airfare will be taken care of if we can just come. Listening to my husband share yesterday was so very thrilling to me. I find such joy that the Lord has truly given Him, us, the desires of our hearts to see Him, join Him, and serve Him! So last night we did some research on the group Audio Adrenaline. We knew their name but not really who they were. We recognized some songs: Big House and Hands and Feet. When the band started at Kentucky Christian University in 1986 we were 7 years old! How cool is that? The Lord was working in us even then preparing us for works He already knew beforehand that we would walk in. Our God is totally overwhelming at times with His goodness! If you get a chance I challenge you to go to the website and watch the video about how they were obedient to be the Hands and Feet of Christ and join in His vision for these orphanages in 2005. Maybe the Lord is already working in your heart as you read my words and what He is doing with us! Maybe you will one day join us as we help coordinate teams to go and take care of and love these children. He has great things in store if only we will trust and obey! What a journey when you walk with Jesus! 
"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4
  The link to their song "Hands and Feet". I love the lyrics.
I want to be your hands
I want to be your feet
I'll go where you send me!
I'II go where you send me!

And l try, yeah I try
To touch the world like
You touched my life
And I find my way
To be your hands! 
That is the Cupp Crew's Prayer for sure!


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